Installation method of squatting pan and basin

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◆ installation method and precautions of squatting pan

1. When installing squatting pan, please measure the product size first and reserve the installation position according to the size. The installation position shall be filled with mixed mortar, and it is strictly forbidden to install with cement, otherwise the setting and expansion of cement may crush the toilet

2. Apply a layer of asphalt or butter on the installation surface of the squatting pan to isolate the squatting pan from the water mortar and protect the product from expansion and cracking

3. For squatting toilets with a storage bay, the sewer should not be set with a storage bay, otherwise the flushing function will be affected. For squatting toilets without a trap, a trap should be set on the pipeline. (it has the function of odor separation)

4. When using the squatting pan, please don't throw newsprint, paper diapers, women's sanitary napkins and other easily blocked items into the home decoration network in the pan and the most professional home decoration portal website

5. In the environment below 0 ℃, water cannot be stored in the elbow and other cavities of the squatting pan, otherwise the water will freeze and expand, which may crush the pan

◆ basin installation method

1. Cut the basin installation hole drawing along the cutting line and recheck with the physical size of the basin

2. Copy the hole drawing on the marble table top, and draw the hole line on the marble table top to be cut with a pen. Note: the installation space for the installation of water supply pipe, drainage parts, water inlet angle valve, etc. should be reserved under the marble table

3. After the marble opening line is drawn, drill a hole in the cutting opening, then cut the table surface along the inner side of the drawn cutting line, and polish the cutting edge smooth

4. Install the marble deck

5. Put the basin into the cutting hole of the marble table panel, correct the position, and draw the contour line on the table with a pencil along the outer edge of the basin

6. Remove the basin and install the faucet and water remover as required

7. Spread the glass glue evenly on the table between the edge line of the basin and the cutting edge

8. Install the basin on the table, check whether its position is accurate, then press the basin flat, and wipe off the excess glass glue on the edge of the basin

9. After the glass glue is dry, connect the water inlet pipe fittings and drainage pipe fittings. When connecting the water inlet parts, drain the water in the pipe for 3-5 minutes to clean the pipe and prevent the sand and other debris in the pipe from blocking the corner valve and faucet outlet

10. Turn on the tap to check whether there is leakage at each interface





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