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Many traditional enterprises are slowly transforming to the Internet. Decoration industry is no exception. Many traditional decoration companies put their channels on the Internet, such as network order receiving, network guidance, offline transaction, etc. Many Wuhan decoration owners are still not very clear about the decoration process. Wuhan home decoration network editor will share with you the design process of Wuhan new house decoration:

1 Plan preparation in the early stage of house decoration: decorate to install a house or decorate a store. Take out the paper and pencil to make a list. This order is not to list the decoration price first. Wuhan decoration owners should first list all their furniture and household appliances, and then roughly mark the price. After that, combined with their wallets, they can see how much money they have left for decoration. If the decoration is not enough, then consider what furniture is important and what household appliances are important. Some furniture and household appliances that are not important and do not affect the occupancy can be purchased later. The basis of decoration is one-off, and it is impossible to smash the decoration, but furniture and household appliances can be selectively retreated or not bought

2. Preliminary selection of decoration companies

with a price plan, you can consult Wuhan decoration design agency. Maybe I went to Baidu to find threeorfour companies for comparison. No matter from the strength of the company and the money of the company, we should position well. If you want to find a construction team, don't go to Wuhan decoration company. It's not a cost, it's useless to see it; If you want to find a decoration company, don't go to the construction team, so the price difference will make you unable to judge

3. Set a decoration company contract

once you find a Wuhan decoration design company, you need to sign a contract. The general payment method is 4-4-3, or 3-3--2-2 The items contained in the contract should be very clear. It includes possible additions. This includes whether to sign a half package or a full package. If it is a half bag, then your materials should be prepared in advance. If it's all, then it can be handed over to the decoration company

4. Decoration project supervision implementation supervision

of course, the decoration process should be supervised by yourself. If you find a decoration company, you will arrange the decoration supervision. Each step must be inspected and accepted. The decoration time can be relaxed. If you are anxious to affect the quality, the gain is not worth the loss. In each step, remember to accept the materials before letting the construction, and in each stage, let the project pass the acceptance before doing the next one. Don't hire a supervisor outside. The supervisors outside are all pickpockets. It's better to hire their own supervisor of the decoration company, just to let you spend more money

5. Acceptance is required after completion

the owner of water and electricity enters the site and starts to see the bricks. After water and electricity are completed, the owner can let the bricks be delivered; After the bathroom is pasted, you can order the bathroom, after the kitchen is pasted, you can order the cabinet, and after the floor and wall are pasted, you can directly order the cabinet and other furniture. Finally, buy Lamps and lanterns, switch and socket installation, and soft curtains in the later stage. Wait for the Wuhan Decoration owner to sign. In this way, the whole acceptance is completed. If there is the final advance payment, the customer should be reminded to settle the account. Remember to receive the after-sales certificate when the final payment is delivered after the completion acceptance

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