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Use pro/engineerwildfire and pro/interlink to compare two versions of the same part

although changes to pro/engineer files can be accurately tracked by pro/interlink, including version, revision and life cycle, pro/interlink cannot obtain the change types in pro/engineer model files. For example, it may not be able to track changes to metadata, geometry, drawings, or rendered content in both file versions at all. To determine the differences between the versions of the two pro/engineer files, you can manually compare the pro/engineer models or ask the designer who made the changes. Both methods are time-consuming and inaccurate

pro/engineer wildfire version 2.0 can compare two part files and quickly provide an accurate and correct report to identify the differences between them. The part comparison and difference report function enables users to accurately understand the differences between two pro/engineer part files

in addition, using pro/engineer wildfire version 2.0 and pro/intralink 3.4, better zero diaphragm materials can be obtained. Among the four major lithium battery materials, the materials with the latest localization and the highest added value can be compared and reported, so as to highlight and describe the differences between the two parts in detail. Users can compare:

a part in the workspace and a part in the public area

a part on the disk and a part in the public area

a part in the workspace and a part on the disk

in addition, users can also compare two versions of the same part or two different parts. When users compare two versions of the same part, they must type an alternative name when opening the compared part, because pro/engineer does not allow two models in an application to have the same name

users can customize the format of the difference report to display the following change types:


rendering content

in pro/engineer wildfire version 2.0, the steps to compare two versions of the same part using pro/interlink are as follows:

start pro/engineer wildfire version 2.0, and use any of the following methods to connect to the pro/interlink workspace:

move pro/engineer, and then like a registration server, Register pro/interlink

set pro/intralink as the master server, and select the workspace you want to use as the active workspace. Or

launch pro/engineer from the workspace you want to use in the pro/interlink browser

in pro/engineer wildfire version 2.0, click analyze compare by feature. The file open dialog box appears

transfer parts into pro/engineer. The first part is used as the base model. As shown in Figure 1, the source model is 001_ COMP_ T。

in pro/engineer wildfire version 2.0, click analyze compare by feature. The file open dialog box appears

select file | open or select the pro/intralink suite icon in the folder navigation, browse the pro/intralink public area and select the comparison model. Find and select the second part you want to compare

if you want to compare the same part, select the latest version of the part in the session and click open

since the open part has the same name as an object in the session, the version conflict dialog box will pop up. We have summarized the following points for Jinan assaying. Let's briefly understand the part, enter another name, and click OK. The system will save the comparison model with the newly given file name. In Figure 2, we compared the same Part 001_ COMP_ The latest version of T and give it another name t

note: two pro/engineer parts will appear in one window respectively. The source model appears in the active pro/engineer window

as shown in Figure 3, pro/engineer will generate and display the model comparison report in the pro/engineer wildfire browser

model comparison report

the model comparison report displays the name and version number of the source model, the name and version number of the comparison model. If the user gives a different name to the comparison model, the model comparison report displays the original name of the comparison model. As shown in Figure 3, the names of the source model and the comparison model are the same, both 0001_ COMP_ T。

by default, the model comparison report displays all types of changes. The filter change type option in the variance report allows the system to display only the change types that the user wants to see. Select the multi check box next to the change type of interest and click apply. The model variance report will only display the selected change type

change type description

change in the value of metadata system parameters or user-defined parameters

addition and deletion of a feature of geometry, or change in the size of a feature

differences in drawing views, geometric tolerances, remarks or regions

changes in rendering content, such as color

to understand the detailed change information of geometric drawings but on industrialized quality shapes, you can:

click the triangle icon in each column of the source model or the comparison model to highlight the changed features. Selecting the triangle icon highlights the changed feature in the window of the changed model

click the details (info) icon to see the feature information related to the changed feature, and the feature information will be displayed in the browser window

note: if you want to compare the difference between the latest version and the old version of a part, you must first transfer the old version into pro/engineer as the source model. Then call up the latest version for comparison


at present, the part difference analysis function of pro/engineer wildfire version can only compare two parts. Pro/engineer wildfire version 2.0 does not support the comparison of components, engineering drawings and product families, but it is planned to provide this function in the next pro/engineer wildfire version

when selecting a comparison model, pro/engineer wildfire will retrieve the

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