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Whitening Palace: preliminary analysis shows that North Korea may not have tested the hydrogen bomb. On January 6, North Korea announced that the hydrogen bomb test was successful. It was broadcast on the large screen outside the Pyongyang station, and the audience in Pyongyang responded enthusiastically

[global report Zhou Jiying] according to the New York Times 2 On January 6, the White House was conducting data analysis on the North Korean hydrogen bomb. The preliminary results show that whether North Korea exploded a hydrogen bomb is controversial

North Korean television announced that Kim Jong Un's autograph meant that the shrinkage characteristics of various plastics were divided into four groups for hydrogen bomb test

White House spokesman Ernest disclosed the news at a media briefing on the 6th, but did not elaborate on the reasons. However, according to the analysis of the media, the relevant data of the Korean test to be eliminated is less than the result due to the normal hydrogen bomb explosion. Some experts believe that the DPRK may have tested and exploded a tritium bomb. This technology has a history of 70 years and has been adjusted with the energy industry structure. However, for the final result of North Korea's hydrogen bomb test, it is necessary to further monitor the atmosphere

lichunji announces the success of the hydrogen bomb test

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