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How about minij Xiaoji C1 136w single door small retro Cosmetics Facial Mask refrigerator

the various types of universal laboratory machines on the market of Xiaoji C1 136w ice are the latest to be launched. They will be on sale on April 20, 2019. The refrigerators previously used in other models of Xiaoji are very good. They are small and large in size and have no noise. This time, the functions of this new refrigerator have been upgraded a lot. The intimate design can store in different areas, accurately control temperature, and effectively inhibit bacteria. The market price is ¥ 2999.00, The official initial promotion price is ¥ 1499.00. Now we start to make an appointment. For the top 300, it only costs 999 yuan. For those who need it, please click here to refer to the official offer for the latest event. It is more valuable and more favorable than usual

II. Detailed configuration parameters of Xiaoji C1 136w:

III. how much is the price of Xiaoji C1 136w:

usual price: ¥ 2999.00 promotion price: ¥ 14999.00

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IV. more user comments on other models of Xiaoji refrigerator:

1. The capacity is large enough for a family of three to have breakfast and dinner. In fact, life can be simplified and refined. The shell is plastic, You can't stick magnetic stickers on the refrigerator. It has been frozen for five days. There is no frost in the freezer. The sound is very quiet and can hardly be heard

2. At the first sight, I saw this mini round refrigerator. It was round, plump and very cute. Elegant and generous 4-sample white, the bottom of the refrigerator can be calculated with a stroke of 500-600mm, which is very special, and the overall collocation gives a noble and retro feeling! This mini refrigerator is very light, and girls can easily move and carry it. Plug in the power supply, and the refrigerator will be quiet after starting. Even if it is placed at the head of the bed, it will not affect sleep at all. When you open the refrigerator, there are all kinds of internal organs, including a refrigerator, fruit and vegetable boxes, and a bottle rack on the door. The cold storage room, I thought it was very small, but there was a lot of space in it. It could put 10 boxes of iron tea. Fruits and vegetables are also separated by layers. The common types are separation type, shear type, barrier type, shunt type and wavy type, etc. to prevent cross flavor. This design is very considerate! Finally, thank you for your considerate service and help me deliver it to the second floor

3. The small refrigerator is very beautiful. It is larger than I thought. It is very suitable for a person to live in other places. It may be a little painful to move in the future. The weight is not small

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