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Using AI, IOT and analysis technologies, the native platform smartworks of Altair cloud helps enterprises make decisions

the new generation of enterprise data ecosystem can provide dynamic tools and collaborative environment to help solve complex problems, accelerate transformation and promote business value

June 14, 2021, Altair announced the release of a new generation of cloud native platform. At the same time, as a model of China's high-end manufacturing industry, the share of rail transit equipment industry in the international market has also increased rapidly. Altair smartworks helps enterprises make more wise and data-based decisions

with the rising prosperity of new energy vehicles at home and abroad, on June 14, 2021, Altair (NASDAQ: altr) announced the release of a new generation of cloud native platform, Altair smartworks, to help enterprises make more informed and data-based decisions

smartworks makes full use of AI, analysis technology and IOT to help organizations improve and ensure production quality, develop interconnected product lines, optimize maintenance plans and implement recurring revenue models. Enterprises can also use smartworks to realize customization of marketing analysis, automation of financial system and more other functions

smartworks will help enterprises use AI and IOT more easily in the field of automation and analysis, thus subverting the way enterprises innovate and make decisions. James R. SCAPA, founder and CEO of Altair, who has launched multi-material 3D printers for alloys, elastomers and resins, said that for organizations that are developing digital transformation strategies, smartworks is undoubtedly an accelerator and booster platform to promote future development. It will help enterprises accelerate development, realize innovation and provide value to customers

converting from code environment to less or no code environment means that the threshold for use is lower and it is easier to operate. As a result, enterprise organizations can collaborate more efficiently, generate and share in-depth insight based on data, develop AI enhanced analysis, and use fewer teams to create scalable and secure iot/analysis applications more quickly

smartworks is designed to overcome enterprise level challenges. It is essentially a cloud native function, but can be deployed locally to help enterprises manage data acquisition, analysis and automation; Since its birth, smartworks has been highly scalable and excellent performance, and is equipped with first-class underlying technology. Smartworks provides a scalable, future oriented collaborative environment to meet current and future analysis engine requirements. By providing each user with access to analytics, IOT, and AI, smartworks can help accelerate innovation in all parts of the enterprise

2. Problems in Anyang's industrial development

smartworks can integrate the deep function set of Altair monarch and Altair knowledge studio with new, cloud native and targeted functions, so as to provide enterprise organizations with end-to-end data analysis capabilities, including:

connecting various databases, data sources, spreadsheets, big data, IOT, etc.

storing data in high-performance The dedicated database

explores data trends and finds anomalies

converts data to adapt to specific applications

trains and evaluates AI models

whether in resource constrained environments (edge) or resource rich environments (cloud), it can operate machine learning models on a large scale

develop custom analysis or end-user applications

at the end or edge, Enhanced automation process

control end-users' access to data

smartworks can be accessed through Altair units, which is a patented subscription based licensing model that enables enterprises to pay according to employees' needs only when they need it. For more information, please visit

if you are interested in the integration of digital transformation, artificial intelligence and analytical technology, you are welcome to sign up for the online conference from June 15 to 17. This virtual conference will show the progress of analysis technology and AI, aiming to solve industry challenges and promote new progress in manufacturing, banking, financial services, insurance, retail, government agencies, education and health care

many thought leaders will be gathered to deliver thought-provoking keynote speeches, and expert groups will be arranged to discuss the latest development trends, including:

nvidia machine learning research director Dr. anima anandkumar's keynote speech

Intel, Google, Microsoft An expert group composed of NVIDIA and Oracle discussed AI assisted cloud computing

capgemini and Sam Mahalingam, chief technology officer of Altair, held a fireside talk on AI and digital transformation: paving the way for better business results

a discussion on women's development in the field of data analysis will focus on the challenges and opportunities women face in male dominated fields

Rolls Royce, HSBC, Jaguar Land Rover, flextrade, KLA Breakforth, mabe and Meyers constructors will hold industry-specific sessions to discuss

to learn more and register for participation, please visit

about altair

altair (NASDAQ: altr) is a global technology company that provides software and cloud solutions in the fields of simulation, high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI). Altair enables companies across a wide range of industries to compete more efficiently in a connected world and create a more sustainable future

headquartered in Michigan, the company serves more than 11000 global enterprises, and its application industries include automobile, consumer electronics, aerospace, energy, rolling stock, shipbuilding, defense and military industry, finance, retail, etc. For more information, please visit:

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