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Advocating value innovation Foton Heavy Machinery came from behind

Guide: three years ago, I believe that Foton Heavy machinery is absolutely strange in the special automobile manufacturing industry. Today, Fukuda heavy machinery has become a well-known brand, said gideonballoch, head of dental products at formlabs. How did they write about the leap forward journey, and what kind of spiritual characteristics does this enterprise have? People can't help but think about it. Yang

three years ago, I believe that the brand Foton Heavy Machinery was absolutely strange in the special automobile manufacturing industry. Today, Fukuda heavy machinery has become a brand familiar to users. How did they write about the leap forward journey, and what kind of spiritual characteristics does this enterprise have? People can't help but think about it

in March, I came to Futian LOVOL Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. located in Beijing Yongfeng base. Rows of brand-new concrete machinery and equipment were parked on the square ready for shipment. It was reported that these equipment would be exported abroad

2006, faced with fierce market competition, Foton Heavy machinery, as a latecomer in the industry, sold nearly 4000 concrete mixer trucks, pump trucks and dump trucks, of which more than 600 were exported, with a sales revenue of 600million yuan, an increase of 192% year-on-year. Since its establishment in 2004, Foton Heavy Machinery has achieved leapfrog development in just two years

when talking about the secret of rapid development, zhanzhenjing, general manager of Foton Heavy machinery, said frankly that in addition to the unique brand advantages and strong marketing network of "Foton", Foton Heavy Machinery has taken many detours because of the lessons learned by other enterprises. But the most important thing is that Foton Heavy Machinery has been adhering to the development concept of continuous innovation

seeking product differentiation

after Foton Heavy Machinery officially entered the field of special purpose vehicle manufacturing, the first research and development is the concrete mixer. At that time, the concrete mixer was already a mature product in China, and the market competition tended to be white hot. Why did Foton Heavy Machinery choose it as a stepping stone to open up the field of special vehicle manufacturing

according to experts, although China's concrete mixer technology has been relatively mature, the special chassis and general chassis have always been an important factor hindering the development of the domestic concrete mixer industry. Compared with the special chassis of concrete mixer, commercial vehicles are difficult to form scale effect, which is not enough to impress heavy truck manufacturers, and the high cost of general chassis is difficult to digest through sales

as a professional manufacturer of commercial vehicles, Foton Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is also a manufacturer of special vehicles. It has strong strength and obvious advantages in the field of special chassis manufacturing and top loading manufacturing

on the premise of having the above two advantages, we combine them organically, which is the greatest self-confidence of laifoton heavy machinery. In the second half of 2004, taking the opportunity that the imported chassis was restricted by the new 3C standard, Foton Heavy Machinery entered the field of concrete mixer, and made use of its R & D and manufacturing advantages in the automotive industry for many years, it was the first to launch a concrete mixer with a special chassis

it is understood that this special chassis for concrete mixer truck has an absolute cost performance advantage compared with imported chassis products; On the other hand, compared with other domestic chassis in the market, it solves the problems of insufficient bearing capacity and power mismatch of the chassis. Therefore, it has been widely favored by users once it is launched

since then, in order to calmly respond to the needs of different construction environments and the requirements of new laws and regulations, Foton Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. launched 25 improved high-quality concrete mixer trucks to the market in 2006. Through the product combination of different configurations, it can bring users more than 25% higher income than conventional products

the real data shows that Foton Heavy machinery is successful in the field of concrete mixer. In 2005, Foton Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. sold more than 700 concrete mixers, winning the second place in domestic mixer sales, which changed the pattern of the entire concrete mixer industry

Foton Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. has injected new vitality into the concrete mixer Market, which meets the needs of the current industry development, and also paves the way for its further market development

in October, 2005, Foton Heavy Machinery transferred the users' attention from the special chassis of concrete mixer truck to concrete pump truck, and successfully developed the fourth generation pump truck (domestic chassis + domestic top loading) in the industry. It is understood that Foton Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. sold 60 concrete pump trucks last year, and their sales target this year is 120

2007, while further expanding the existing product market, Foton Heavy Machinery plans to develop urban garbage trucks to enrich its product chain

service casts the brand

in the increasingly mature market, the competition among manufacturers for product quality, cost control and sales ability can only say that they have completed half of the market task, while service is the other half of obtaining sustainable development and continuously expanding market share. The good or bad service quality has become an important factor to determine whether an enterprise can continue to develop

as Zhan Zhenjing said to us, the market competition is fierce, and it is inevitable to reshuffle the construction machinery industry. Only with unique characteristics can enterprises gain the first opportunity in the market competition and make themselves invincible. The perfect sales service network is a major feature of the mXz ⑴ friction coefficient tester and heavy machine produced by Futian Jinan Sida Testing Technology Co., Ltd

at present, enterprises with wide service network coverage and high service quality in the industry have cultivated service network after a long period. For enterprises that have just entered a new field, it is difficult to form a sound service network in a short time

in contrast, Foton Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. has no such problem. With the help of the scattered service points of Foton automobile, Foton Heavy Industries soon established its own service and sales network, and gradually cultivated an independent service team with the separation of sales and service

it is reported that at present, there are more than 2000 service providers of Foton automobile in China, among which more than 480 are able to provide services for Foton Heavy machinery. Foton Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. has launched 24-hour all-weather "nanny" service to provide customers with pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales team service guarantee. Now, Foton Heavy machinery is gradually training these service providers to better serve customers, especially concrete pump trucks with high technical content

"customers first, dealers second, and Foton Heavy Machinery third" is Foton's consistent business purpose. For many new customers entering the commercial concrete industry, mixing plant equipment, concrete transport vehicles and pumping equipment are the basic configurations for entering the industry, but it is often difficult for manufacturers to promote a single type of equipment

based on the above problems, Foton Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. has launched an overall solution to the users, taking the initiative to bear the troubles of the users, and providing users with a full set of solutions, including software and technical services such as feasibility analysis, qualification application, vehicle licensing, mixing plant management, tax exemption scheme, etc. This style has gone beyond the traditional marketing planning concept, and has produced irresistible temptation to customers. These seemingly simple services often share a lot of users' troubles, so that users can devote themselves to the key to enterprise development - project contracting

"after purchasing the first Foton product, some same users purchased another one every two months, so they bought three sets in succession, which is undoubtedly the best proof that Foton Heavy Machinery brand has been recognized by users." Zhan Zhenjing said proudly

value innovation concept

in the manufacturing industry, any world-renowned excellent brand relies 100% on accurate industry foresight and continuous technological innovation to establish its leading position

if we do not rely on technological innovation, we believe that the heroic words of realizing the rapid development of enterprises can only be passive water. On the basis of focusing on technological innovation, Fukuda heavy industries has further sublimated the concept of technological innovation and is building the core competitiveness of the enterprise with the concept of value innovation

"the so-called value innovation is the embodiment of the balanced transmission of value between enterprises and customers. The idea of innovation is run through all links of the value chain, so that each link of the value chain can create value for customers, so as to maximize value." Zhan Zhenjing said when explaining the value innovation of Foton Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. to lubricate and refuel the screw rod according to the regulations

people who have been to Foton Heavy Machinery will feel that this concept has imperceptibly penetrated into all aspects of Foton Heavy machinery. For example, at the beginning of product R & D and design, Foton Heavy Machinery applied the principle of value engineering, reasonably planned and allocated resources, and transmitted value to end users through equipment; For another example, it provides customers with a perfect "value chain" including sales, service, training and various value-added services. From the feedback of the market, the value innovation concept of Foton Heavy Machinery has been widely recognized

in 2007, Foton Heavy Industries will strive to double its sales revenue and product export compared with last year, and make great strides towards its goal of "committed to driving urban modernization and positioned to provide first-class technology, products and services for the development of urban construction, urban logistics, urban security and urban management modernization"

according to Zhan Zhenjing, Foton Heavy machinery is seeking to be listed in order to obtain more capital support

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