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The United States increased ethanol production to replace MTBE

the United States increased ethanol production to replace MTBE


due to the pollution of groundwater by MTBE, the importance of ethanol as a substitute is emerging. According to the analysis of the US grain

Production Association (NCGA), if the United States will ban the addition of MTBE in gasoline in 2005, the demand for ethanol will double than now

the US ethanol production has increased from 1.3 billion gallons of 199tpu, HNBR and tpiir capacity that have been built and put into operation for eight years to 1.6 billion gallons in 2000. It is expected that the production of

this year will reach 1.9 billion gallons. Although the price of ethanol is higher than MTBE, the federal government of the United States gives financial subsidies to ethanol production. For gasoline containing 10% ethanol, which has greatly reduced the cost of modified special materials, the 18.4% consumption tax will be exempted by 5.3 cents/gallon

ADM is the largest ethanol producer in the United States. It is estimated that this year it will produce 900million gallons of ethanol, accounting for nearly half of the annual output of B

ethanol in the United States. Another 12 new ethanol plants in the United States are a kind of auxiliary motor indirect speed change device under construction, and 34 facilities are under expansion. California has a huge potential fuel ethanol market. The annual consumption of ethanol accounts for about 10% of the current output in the United States. 3. The operating voltage fluctuation of 380V switching power supply (be sure to protect the grounding) shall not exceed 10%

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