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Usage evaluation: hasee/Shenzhou ares z7

hasee/Shenzhou ares z7-sp5d1 six generation quad core 1060 game notebook computer

6300hq 1060 6G video memory

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acm=lb zebra- 1003.4. wh_ weex=true scm=-zebra-. (1) Whether the operation is stable at various speeds__# J_ Anchor

product parameters:

Certificate No.:

certificate status: valid

Applicant Name: Shenzhen Shenzhou computer Co., Ltd.

manufacturer name: Shenzhen Shenzhou computer Co., Ltd.

Product Name: notebook computer

3c product model: cp65s** ("*" =, A-Z, A-Z, -, +, or null only means that if the same marketing code is not used in the experiment process, the product will not be affected

Product Name: hasee/Shenzhou Zhanshen z7-sp5

energy efficiency grade: no

brand: hasee/Shenzhou

Shenzhou series model: ares

model: z7-sp5d1

screen size: 15.6 inches

cp think about problems based on long-term interests u: core/core ihq

graphics card type: independent graphics card geforce gtx1060

video memory capacity: 6gb

mechanical hard disk capacity: 1tb

memory capacity: 8GB

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