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Ink required for flexographic printing of cartons

before, the external image of cartons was rough outer packaging, simple lines, boring monochrome, colors that were easy to rub off, and patterns that were blurred when encountering water. Now, people's understanding of packaging has changed fundamentally. The cartons that are pleasing to the eye, beautifully printed, durable patterns, and convenient for transportation are no longer a simple packaging, but also can improve the added value of goods and enhance the market competitiveness of goods

at present, flexographic printing plays a leading role in carton printing all over the world. In China, the development space for the colorization of flexographic printing is huge. With the introduction of multi-color corrugated box printing slotting machines by many carton factories, the quality and use skills of ink for flexographic printing of cartons are quite important, and the requirements for the performance of ink become quite strict

a high-quality ink should have the following properties:

1. There should be no strong smell

2. Have good flow performance and viscosity

3. Drying should be fast and appropriate

4. Do not have any impact on the printing plate and printing machine

5. The printing machine is easy to clean

6. Good storage stability

7. After long-term storage and sedimentation, it should be easy to use after mixing

however, judging from the use of ink on cartons in China, the ink used by most manufacturers does not meet the standard of high-quality ink. At present, carton ink has some disadvantages, such as slow drying, poor gloss, water intolerance, and inaccurate printing, which directly affect the quality of printed matter. To change this situation, we must consider the solution to the problem from the root

at present, domestic ink for cartons can be roughly divided into two categories:

1, rosin modified maleic acid resin ink (referred to as rosin ink)

2 Styrene acrylic polymer lotion ink (hereinafter referred to as lotion ink)

the characteristics of these two types of ink are compared as follows:

rosin modified maleic acid resin ink styrene acrylic polymer lotion ink

generally bright color

poor gloss

printable paper corrugated paper, white cardboard corrugated paper, white cardboard, coated paper, Coated paper and other paper materials

how much solvent volatilizes

combustion is flammable and non flammable

drying speed is slow and fast

printing suitability is general, dot overprint and fine pattern printing are not ideal and good, All kinds of patterns can be printed well

poor water resistance excellent

poor wear resistance excellent

poor stability (easy to caking, discoloration, swelling) good

less residual smell of prints no

connecting material rosin modified maleic acid resin styrene acrylic polymer emulsion (excluding building lotion)

pigment toner or aqueous color paste aqueous color paste

is difficult to meet high power output; 3. The self corrosion of metal anode is serious. The market price (carton ink) yuan/kg yuan/kg

according to the performance comparison of the two types of ink, it can be seen that the current disadvantages of ink used in cartons are mainly due to the fact that most manufacturers still choose low-grade rosin ink. On the one hand, the ink factory is not enthusiastic about the investment in technological improvement; On the other hand, we can get the deformation of the sample. The vicious price competition in the market leads to the competitive price reduction among ink factories, so that the product quality cannot be guaranteed. With the increasing improvement of people's aesthetic views and the approaching of WTO, the carton ink market will enter a healthy and benign development atmosphere. Ink factories should also adjust their product structure as soon as possible to meet the requirements of the market for product quality

how to adjust the product structure as soon as possible

the simplest way is to start with the composition of ink, which is made of pigments, binders, surfactants and related additives through chemical reaction process and physical mixing. The biggest difference between rosin ink and lotion ink lies in the different connecting materials used. The domestic above is the operation method of bellows ring stiffness testing machine and the relevant introduction of ordinary protection and maintenance. The commonly used rosin modified maleic acid resin liquid is the connecting material of rosin ink. The water ink produced by it can be used for low-grade carton printing, but the problems reflected by it are: slow drying, easy anti adhesion, poor gloss, easy fading and water resistance of printed matter. It is difficult to meet the use requirements when used in medium and high-grade printing. Styrene acrylic polymer lotion (excluding styrene acrylic building lotion) has significant advantages in gloss, weather resistance, water resistance, ink transfer, drying speed, etc., so that lotion ink shows excellent performance. Many ink factories are also very aware of this situation. They use styrene acrylic building lotion with a similar appearance to the special lotion for ink as the connecting material to produce ink. Although the problems of slow drying and poor water resistance are solved, there are also problems such as poor coloring power, easy pasting, and difficult mixing. Therefore, to improve the quality of ink, we should try to choose lotion for ink. The lotion of Beijing iris ink wash company is simple and convenient to operate. The polymer lotion developed by the product center is close to the level of foreign well-known products in ink transmission, re solubility, transparency, brightness and so on, which can provide help for domestic ink wash peers

although the quality of lotion ink is excellent, the price of special lotion for water ink is much higher than that of rosin liquid. Therefore, based on the pressure of the market, rosin ink manufacturers are unwilling to increase too much cost. In this case, how to improve the quality of rosin ink is very urgent. If only by adding additives such as quick drying agent, leveling agent and film-forming agent, the defects of rosin modified maleic acid resin solution cannot be fundamentally improved. It is necessary to introduce an auxiliary connecting material to fully fill the deficiencies in the performance of rosin modified maleic acid resin solution. Yf-201 lotion developed and produced by lotion product center of Beijing iris Ink Co., Ltd. is aimed at modified rosin ink. It introduces substances similar to rosin structure, making it well miscible with modified rosin ink. Improve the gloss of rosin ink, accelerate the drying speed of rosin ink, improve the friction resistance, water resistance and other properties of rosin ink, and use auxiliary additives to improve the quality of rosin ink

both rosin ink and lotion ink should be measured by high quality. Without high-quality ink, even a printing machine with excellent performance, a suitable printing plate, high-grade paper materials, and skilled printers cannot print qualified prints

carton flexographic printing requires high-quality ink

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