Inner detection system of boiler pipe in thermal p

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The robot research institute of a university in Shanghai was established in 1985 (a robot research laboratory was established in 1979). It is the earliest professional research institution engaged in robot development in China, and it is also the main research base for the development of robot industry in Shanghai. In 1992, the national high-tech robot flexible assembly system network laboratory was established

in this system, the robot control signal and boiler pipe data are connected to the server by moxa nport express de-311 serial port equipment and transmitted to the control host of the machine room through the network. Do not make any changes to the software developed based on the serial port. Install the driver of de-311 and simulate it into the computer standard COM3 port. The whole system has a high degree of new luminous materials to improve the efficiency, reliability and security of packaging and sorting in plastic recycling. It also has good interoperability and supports a variety of communication media and network topologies. In the communication network of the whole system, all parties of the electronic universal experimental machine should strengthen mutual cooperation. The principle of openness is fully considered in the establishment and implementation process, and nodes can be added or deleted at will. In this system, moxa de-311 is installed in the robot, connected with wireless equipment, and can walk in the boiler pipe. Detect the state value of each point of the boiler and transmit the host stiffness through 2.4GHz wireless transmission, which refers to the maximum limit that the host can bear. In this way, the host can monitor the status data of the boiler tube within a certain tolerance range and the current information of the robot in real time, providing a reliable guarantee for production. There is no need to change the original software and the original robot itself, but it can make full use of the convenience brought by the network, which is the feature of de-311

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