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Inkjet transfer printing skills of plaque

on ordinary inkjet printers, have you understood the use of sublimation dyes? If you have any questions, please contact the staff of our company to prepare the special water-based ink and ask us to respond. Use more than 80g of printing paper, and then transfer the graphic part on the printing paper to the substrate of the plaque. Through the flat hot stamping machine, the temperature is adjusted to ℃, and after about 1min, the dye of the graphic ink layer on the printing paper is converted from solid state to gaseous state, deposited and penetrated on the surface of the plaque substrate to form a colorful plaque

inkjet transfer printing is applicable to the anodized aluminum surface, and the sublimated ink infiltrates into the pores of the oxide film as the economy warms up. 3: according to the use of the machine and the service life of the oil, it can also be used for other materials such as plastic, copper, stainless steel, ceramics, etc., but an organic coating should be coated on the surface of the plate to facilitate the adsorption of sublimated ink

using ink-jet transfer printing has the characteristics of no plate making and on-site processing. At the same time, the common ink-jet printing equipment can be used, which saves the investment cost, but its size will be limited, and it is generally only suitable for the production of graphics and texts below A4 format

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