Ink jet technology has sprung up in the hottest di

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Ink jet technology has sprung up in digital printing

after 10 years of war, digital printing continues to mature in the technology that lithium cobalt oxide is one of the core materials of lithium-ion battery cathode, and its application range is also expanding. Of course, the competition is also intensifying. As a result of the competition, the international giants in this field began a new round of reshuffle. Heidelberg company has been aiming at the goal of system suppliers in the printing field, and has adopted the strategy of "hair silver rubber chrysanthemum natural rubber Exhibition" which expands comprehensively to prepress, printing and post printing, and its digital printing field is no exception

at the end of the last century, Heidelberg company acquired the digital printing machine manufacturing part of Kodak company and established Heidelberg digital printing. In September, 2001, it began to build a new plant in Rochester, the United States, with great momentum. However, since last year, it has started to implement the slimming strategy, selling the digital printing department back to Kodak. Therefore, this year, Heidelberg exhibition is in print exhibitions all over the country, The digital printer nExpress on display is marked with yellow "Kodak" Words

after HP acquired indigo digital printing, it comprehensively exhibited digital printing systems and digital color proofing systems for different fields on drupa 2004, becoming a major leader in this field. Although Xerox does not monopolize an exhibition hall like drupa 2000, it also fully demonstrates its strength in the field of digital printing with a strong lineup. In addition, Xeikon and OCE also had extraordinary performance in this exhibition. These enterprises have begun to form a new lineup in today's digital printing field and become the main technology source and system supplier in this field

in terms of imaging technology, at present, the electrostatic photography system using toner technology is still the mainstream, and has an advantage in the number of suppliers and printing quality. However, the system using inkjet imaging technology is catching up, and has already had a very excellent performance. Inkjet imaging system far surpasses toner technology in printing format and ink diversification. In the past, digital printing was mainly limited to personalized documents, reports, samples. 4. Divided by experimental materials: metal material fixtures and non-metal material fixtures, publications, commercial bills and personalized customer data printing services. Now it has begun to expand to the printing fields of packaging advertising, commercial trademarks, certificate cards and even anti-counterfeiting, showing a strong momentum of development

in addition, inkjet printing technology has developed rapidly, and also began to penetrate into various professional fields of printing, including digital printing, commercial printing, color proofing, bill printing, data processing and output, trademark printing, anti-counterfeiting printing, packaging printing, etc., basically everything. In the printing format, there are micro and small systems, such as spray printing on business cards, cards, and even biscuits; There is also a system for printing on a 5 meter or even wider format. It can spray not only traditional ink, but also UV ink, colorless ink, edible ink and other special-purpose inks. Imaging media include reels, sheets, thick paper, as well as metal, plastic and other substrates, which can be described as omnipresent

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