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Top ten precautions for the use of walking tractors

first, parking place 5. The main development trend points of the industry

it is best to park in the warehouse, but do not put it together with chemical fertilizers and pesticides, so as to avoid their volatilization and corrosion of machine parts. If parking outdoors, choose a ventilated place with high terrain and cover it with plastic cloth and other covers to prevent mechanical damage and corrosion

the cast iron test piece is pressurized until the test piece is damaged. Second, the supporting pad body

the tractor is padded with wooden piers or bricks to reduce the load of the tire. If the machine body is not supported, the inflation of the tire should be increased by 10% - 20%, and it should be checked frequently, inflated frequently, and there should be no lack of air

III. thoroughly clean

remove the soil and oil on the surface of the tractor, completely shut down the controller and computer, check, adjust and firm all parts and screws to avoid loosening and falling off

IV. drain the oil and water

after the tractor is stopped, drain all the cooling water, diesel oil and engine oil in the engine

v. maintain machine parts

take an appropriate amount of dehydrated engine oil (heat the engine oil to about 130 ℃) and pour it into the intake pipe, rotate the crankshaft to make the engine oil adhere to the piston, piston rod, cylinder liner and valve. The piston will reduce the user's workload and shake it to the top dead center of compression, so as to prevent the valve spring, push rod and other parts from being compressed for a long time and losing their performance

VI. remove the fuel injector

put the fuel injector into clean diesel after cleaning, loosen the adjusting screw, and block the hole chamber of the fuel injector with a wooden plug

VII. Fill the crankcase

take 1 kg of dehydrated engine oil, pour it into the crankcase, and then rotate the crankshaft for several rounds to make the lubrication system full of dehydrated engine oil

VIII. Apply oil to parts

apply dehydrated engine oil to all fastening parts such as rocking wall, high-pressure oil pipe, oil nozzle, bolts and nuts to prevent rust

IX. do a good job in lubrication

according to the overall lubrication requirements of the walking tractor, select the lubricating oil that meets the standard for full lubrication

X. bandage for dust prevention

tie up the air filter, smoke exhaust duct, water tank mouth, oil tank mouth and other places of the engine that are easy to enter the dust with plastic cloth or oil paper to prevent debris and dust from entering

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