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The ink presetting technology of sheet fed offset press

digital printing technology has been introduced into China for some years, but it has become a popular trend in recent years. Domestic printer manufacturers introduced advanced technology, successfully launched their own digital printing equipment system, and achieved success in use. The ink presetting system of beiren BR624 sheet fed offset press is one example

through cip3/cip4 data interface, the ink volume preset directly obtains the statistical distribution data of the layout ink information from the prepress system, and sends the ink volume information to the ink remote control system to automatically control the ink volume, without the intermediary method of scanning the printing plate, which greatly improves the production efficiency

the ink volume control data of the ink preset system of beiren BR624 sheet fed offset press can be a standard format file of cip3ppfv3.0/cmyk4-separationtiff monochrome or 256 colors. Input such documents into CPC control system (printing control sample viewing platform) through local network or mobile storage device

ink presetting includes two processes: pre setting and pre setting. Pre setting means setting (Planning) the ink keys of the printer according to the information on the layout (image density). It needs to collect data before printing and calculate ink volume, so as to make more preparations before starting up. This is a key step in the ink presetting process, which can provide information for the printer in advance. Setting refers to manually or automatically adjusting the ink key according to the budgeted information, that is, importing the preset information of ink volume into the ink mixing table. This requires the printer to have a data interface. This is an automated preset process

before using the ink preset system of the offset press, the printer should often check the quality of the final print. The amount of ink required by the press since its launch last October will change with the change of the environment. The amount of ink has a great relationship with raw materials, temperature and humidity, printer adjustment and other factors; These should be viewed manually. The subjective observation of human eyes has high accuracy, but the speed is high, and the force measurement of precision strain gauge force sensor is slow. The human eye is the most sensitive, but it is the most prone to fatigue. It is necessary to take care of the ink keys on the four color plates at the same time. Based on 20 ink keys per unit, there are 80 ink keys that need to be adjusted. Although not every ink key needs to be adjusted, the workload is also quite large, and each printer captain's judgment and experience are also different, often causing instability in quality

after using the offset press ink presetting system, because the ink presetting uses the standard mathematical algorithm to calculate a simulated device and has a self-learning function, after using it for a period of time, workers only need to make a small amount of manual intervention on the CPC console

the ink presetting system of beiren BR624 sheet fed offset press requires little manual ink adjustment. Turn on the machine and enter the ink key opening adjustment. Just select the corresponding program on the sample viewing table, and the opening of 20 ink blades will be automatically adjusted to Jinan gold ring stiffness special experimental machine (preset). During the printing process, a single ink key can be slightly adjusted. After the adjustment, the ink volume information of this printing can be recorded into the self-learning system. In this way, after repeated learning, the control system will automatically retain an average value, so that the ink volume value can be given more accurately

the ink preset system of offset press can shorten the start-up preparation time and improve the efficiency of the press. A four-color printing machine can complete the single-sided four-color registration and color correction of the printing plate in a relatively short time, which shortens the traditional time of printing and color correction, and is suitable for the time requirements of short version

the ink presetting system of offset press can reduce the use of paper and ink, and greatly reduce the production cost. The ink presetting accuracy is high, and there is no need for multiple trial printing, which reduces the paper and ink used in the trial printing

the ink presetting system of offset press can improve the printing quality. The ink presetting system optimizes the ink volume data and improves the accuracy of ink volume presetting and ink volume control. Due to the introduction of data process flow instead of manual color correction, it can ensure the consistency between the printed sample and the printed product, and can be repeated for many times, which can meet the current customer's high-quality requirements for color

therefore, with the maturity of the technology of offset press ink presetting system, it will occupy more markets

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