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Build a supermarket for packaging products

when users need it, they can purchase all or most of the raw materials or products needed for packaging with a next order. This will not only facilitate users, but also create a large business climate for operators, engage in scale operation, reduce costs and obtain economies of scale

with the continuous development and improvement of the socialist market economic system, China's economic field is full of vitality, domestic demand is expanding, and foreign trade is growing rapidly

commodity storage supermarkets, with their modern management mode, are playing more and more other advantages, and are more and more valued and widely welcomed by people. There are countless daily-use Department Stores: pursmart, Carrefour, jingclone, tianclone, meilianmei, Hualian, Huaqiang, Huapu, etc., as well as many furniture supermarkets, stationery supermarkets, home appliance supermarkets, photographic equipment supermarkets, electronic markets, medicine wholesale markets, etc. The vast majority of supermarkets are full of customers every day, and the turnover is amazing. These supermarkets are almost popular, which not only prospers the market, but also facilitates customers. Supermarket management has undoubtedly played a huge role in expanding domestic demand and stimulating economic growth. The essence of all these supermarkets is scale management. Rely on scale, create a climate, rely on scale, reduce costs, and in turn use the low price and large and comprehensive characteristics created by the scale operation of supermarkets to attract customers, guide consumption, and stimulate consumption. Today, the business model of warehouse supermarkets has been indisputably welcomed by businesses. Several major retail giants in the world are scrambling to seize the Chinese market. However, somehow, there are few decent supermarkets or distribution centers for the packaging industry. Why this happens is worth exploring

the necessity and advantages of creating a supermarket (or distribution center) for packaged products

most people will agree that packaging is a big industry, and almost every kind of goods cannot be separated from packaging. Today, with the commodity economy becoming more and more perfect and developed, commodity packaging is increasingly valued by people, and buyers are more and more picky about commodity packaging, which promotes the packaging of all kinds of commodities to be more and more high-grade. With the rapid development of packaging technology, all kinds of new packaging materials and packaging products emerge in endlessly, which makes people dizzy and dazzling

the annual output value and trade related to packaging materials and packaging products are hundreds of millions of yuan. However, when people purchase packaging materials or packaging products, it is often the old model and channel. Cigarette manufacturers should go to the paper mill to buy white cardboard and coated paper (or to the printing mill to buy Printed packaging paper), to the film factory to buy cigarette film, and to other factories to buy filters and bronzing products for anti-counterfeiting; Manufacturers of cosmetics should not only buy packaging containers for cosmetics, but also buy cartons for packaging, etc. In order to buy complete packaging materials, buyers often have to run around, some to buy internally, some to import. Not only cumbersome, but also long cycle and high cost. Why don't we build a packaging products supermarket (or packaging products distribution center) to gather the packaging products of well-known manufacturers at home and abroad. When users need it, they can purchase all or most of the raw materials or products for packaging with a next order. This will not only facilitate users, but also create a big business climate for operators, engage in scale operation, reduce costs and strive for economies of scale. In this way, it is possible to create a virtuous circle. The more users buy, the cheaper the price, the cheaper the price, and the more customers. Users are willing to buy here, and manufacturers compete to sell here. In fact, it is to use scale operation to reduce costs and create benefits

commodity classification of packaging materials and packaging products

commodity classification of packaging products supermarkets is a gradually reasonable and scientific process. It can be classified by material or purpose. According to the classification of materials, it can be divided into:

1. Paper: coated paper, steel wire and steel wire rope manufacturers need to show users the quality, safety and performance of their products. White board paper, white cardboard, various composite papers (paper plastic composite, aluminum foil composite paper, etc.)

2. Films: BOPP, BOPET, OPP, nylon film, various composite films, laser anti-counterfeiting film

3. Various plastic woven products

4. Various plastic containers

5. Various metal containers and metal materials used to make metal packaging products

each material or product is divided into domestic products and imported products. For each product, we can choose products with high quality and low price from hundreds of manufacturers and put them in supermarkets

relying on the advantages of large and low-cost supermarkets, on the one hand, we attract users. Like people planning to engage in decoration who first want to buy materials to go to the building materials City, users who buy packaging materials will also choose the packaging products supermarket as their first choice; On the other hand, it will attract domestic and foreign manufacturers to sell their products in supermarkets, gradually restrict their prices, and gradually transition from distribution mode to consignment mode. Rely on volume and business scale to reduce costs, reduce selling prices, and expand customer base by relying on high quality and low price, forming a virtuous circle

the business model and service mode of the supermarket of packaging products

the business model adopts two modes: distribution and consignment, and strives to strive for and gradually transition to the consignment mode

the service mode adopts two ways: store operation and distribution service. Store management - welcome to come in and help general daily sales; Distribution service - take the initiative to go out and establish an effective distribution system. Whenever you receive an order from a user, such as non proportional stress or fax, the supermarket will deliver the goods to the user in a timely manner with quality and quantity guaranteed. This distribution service of supermarkets should reflect the following characteristics:

1, large and comprehensive

2. Quality and quantity

3. Timely and convenient

the facilities of the packaging products supermarket can be much simpler than the department store supermarket. It can be made into a warehouse, and fire and moisture prevention can meet the basic requirements. The safety of packaging companies can take the lead to do a good job in such supermarkets or distribution centers, create benefits from large-scale operation, and continuously improve, improve and expand in the operation, opening up a variety of new extruded products

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