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Creating a new future in India, Manroland India has won new customers

since the establishment of Manroland India, a sales and service organization directly under the group, in India last year, Manroland's printing equipment has attracted more and more attention from local customers

as a leading printing equipment manufacturer in the world, Roland has long been famous in the Indian market, especially for its professional and excellent service. In addition to having sales offices in Chennai and New Delhi, Roland further strengthens its regional penetration through its subsidiary, Roland India, which has set up a number of representative offices in India. Manroland India is responsible for comprehensively expanding Manroland's businesses, so Manroland can further shorten the distance with customers and provide them with faster services. Our purpose is to provide a more comprehensive and personalized service for each customer of the business unit under the abolition and merger, so as to further consolidate the relationship with existing customers and win more new customers at the same time

in the past few years, India has developed into one of the most prosperous markets. With the success of the Indian government in its literacy struggle for more than a decade, 100million Indians have the ability to read and write so far. At present, the literacy rate has reached 56.5%. This figure alone is enough to illustrate the great development potential of India's printing industry. In India, new newspapers are published almost every day, which not only increases the demand for printed matter, but also increases the demand for printing machines. The popularization of literacy further promotes the growth rate of the printing industry and provides opportunities for increasing investment in the market

close to the market

Sona printers PVT. in New Delhi ordered three Manroland printers: India's first 5-color Roland 700 inline coatersmart online polishing printer, a 5-color Roland 200 inline coatersmart online polishing printer, and a 2-color Roland 7 experimental speed is continuously adjustable, and the sample breaks and stops automatically, 00 automatic page turning double-sided printer. In addition, Oriental Printing Co., Ltd. in Mumbai will introduce two 6-color ROLAND700 double-sided printing machines, both of which are equipped with glazing modules and extended paper feeding devices

the Indian market has become one of the markets Manroland focuses on with its huge development potential. Therefore, Manroland is undoubtedly in the leading position in the current Indian newspaper printing market. In the past few years, more and more large Indian newspaper publishers have chosen the effective Manroland technology

maintenance agreement

Man Group has established the most prominent partnership with India's largest newspaper group, the times of India. The cooperation between the two companies originated from the purchase of two geoman printing machines in Mumbai and Delhi in 1996. Then in 2004, the times of India purchased colorman and regioman printing machines in Mumbai and Bangalore respectively. Recently, they ordered three colorman printing machines and two printing machines at a new printing station in Mumbai, and one printing machine at an existing printing station in New Delhi. Among them, the latest printing machine introduced at the new printing station in Mumbai is the first printing machine equipped with Manroland aurosys newspaper device and automatic drum processing system in India. Together with the three newly ordered regioman printers, the times of India has so far owned 11 Manroland printers. The latest batch of regioman printing machines will be installed in Pune, Kolkata, Chen Nai, hyderaba, among which Asia has a total of 1.47 million tons D and Ahmedabad. At the same time, Manroland also signed a 12-year printing machine maintenance agreement with the times of India. The signing of this agreement further strengthened the friendly partnership between Manroland and India ① sample wear test: using samples processed into a certain shape and size for the test report

in addition to the times of India, Manroland also has many important customers throughout India. The latest partner is HT Media Co., Ltd., another well-known newspaper group in India. They ordered a new regioman printer for their printing plant in Mumbai this year. In fact, HT Media Co., Ltd. has introduced three colorman printing machines in its Noida printing plant to print the layout in Delhi. The newly purchased printing machine will be put into use in the autumn of 2009. By using Manroland's equipment, HT Media Co., Ltd. can provide its customers with high standard services with a paper roll size of 1270 mm and a maximum printing speed of 80000 copies/hour, fully meeting their needs

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