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Build Guangxi, an important industrial town in the southwest, and accelerate the layout of the ASEAN market

build Guangxi, an important industrial town in the southwest, and accelerate the layout of the ASEAN market

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Guide: on the last day of 2009, the Guangxi regional government purchased 1200 vehicles from Liuzhou Automobile Co., Ltd. for the family planning medical system. In the view of Zhou Yi, director of the Institute of regional development of the Guangxi Academy of Social Sciences, this is not only a government procurement of the Guangxi regional government, but also the local government's support for local autonomy

on the last day of 2009, Guangxi district government purchased 1200 vehicles from Liuzhou Automobile Co., Ltd. for the family planning medical system

according to Zhou Yi, director of the Institute of regional development of Guangxi Academy of Social Sciences, this is not only a government procurement of Guangxi regional government, but also a measure of local government to support local independent brands. "Under the policy of the national industrial revitalization plan, it cannot be completely regarded as a manifestation of local protectionism."

as the most important heavy industry city in Guangxi, "before the heavy industry system in Beibu Gulf of Guangxi was really established, Liuzhou naturally took on the important task of being a pioneer in the decision-making of the Guangxi District Committee and government, and it is reasonable to obtain policy support". Zhou Yi analyzed this newspaper

build an important industrial town in Southwest China

Liuzhou is famous for Liu Zongyuan, one of the eight masters of the Tang and Song dynasties. Now it has become a heavy industrial city

driven by Liuzhou's heavy industry in recent years, Liuzhou's industrialization level and industrial development speed are far ahead of the whole region. This newspaper learned that in the first half of this year, the industrial added value of Liuzhou accounted for 21.85% of the whole region, ranking first among 14 cities

"in the industrial layout of Liuzhou, the advantage lies in heavy industry, and the focus is also on heavy industry." An official of Liuzhou municipal government said

that is, turning on the power switch, the machine did not respond. This newspaper learned from Liuzhou Bureau of statistics that heavy industry accounted for nearly 90% of the city's industry, and only the output value of the three pillar industries of automobile, machinery and metallurgy accounted for 60% of the city's total industrial output value

in fact, in the enterprise map of Liuzhou, except for one textile industry, the other nine are heavy industry enterprises. Among the top five, in addition to Liuzhou Iron and steel, the other four are automobile manufacturers

"judging from the economic development of Guangxi in recent years, the proportion of heavy industry has increased significantly and has entered the era of heavy industry. Liuzhou is now an important heavy industry town in Guangxi and even southwest China." The official told this newspaper that in the consideration of Guangxi's decision-makers, in the context of the Beibu Gulf, it is natural to hope that Liuzhou can become a demonstration point in this round of industrial growth and upgrading in Guangxi

in the overall consideration of Guangxi's industrial planning, Liuzhou is positioned as a regional advanced manufacturing base with the automobile industry as the leader and focusing on the development of steel, machinery manufacturing and other industries

the government gives full support

in order to achieve the above industrial goals, Guangxi has correspondingly given strong policy support to many local industries

previously, the procurement support of Guangxi governments at all levels to local enterprises, including Liuqi, has always accounted for a relatively high proportion of sales of these enterprises. Taking Dongfeng Liuqi as an example, Qin Liuming, Party Secretary of Liuzhou Automobile Co., Ltd., told this newspaper that government procurement accounted for 20% of the total sales

in the first half of this year, the Guangxi district government specially formulated a policy to encourage the purchase of regional cars. The policy includes the preferential treatment of relaxing the quota restrictions, reducing the purchase fees, road maintenance fees and other transportation fees for all kinds of vehicles produced in the newly purchased area, and the policy support of expanding the driving range for low-speed trucks produced in the area

especially in government procurement, local cars are generally purchased when the performance, price and service are basically the same as those of foreign cars, while not excluding the competition of foreign cars

"local taxpayers like Liuqi have an important impact on the economic structure of the local economy. It is understandable to get the support of the local government." Wu Xuefeng explained to this newspaper. In 2009, Liuqi's sales revenue was about 7billion yuan, and the tax paid was about 200million yuan

this newspaper also learned from the Liuzhou municipal government that it plans to invest another 6billion yuan in the next few years to initially form an automobile industry cluster focusing on complete vehicles and parts, and become a manufacturing base focusing on automobiles and parts for the Pan Pearl River Delta economic circle and even ASEAN

going to ASEAN

for Liuzhou, Guangxi's real intention is to enter the big market of ASEAN more quickly

earlier, guoshengkun, Secretary of the Party committee of Guangxi Autonomous Region, said that since the completion of the ASEAN trade area on January 1, 2010, the tariffs on more than 7000 products have been abolished. This means that Guangxi's transportation vehicles, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, textiles, steel, non-ferrous metals and chemical products, as well as various daily-use industrial products and other advantageous products will enter the ASEAN market more conveniently

according to the above Liuzhou municipal government officials, Liuzhou mainly exports processed products such as automobiles and machinery to ASEAN countries. In recent years, the Liuzhou municipal government has increased its support for the export of Liuzhou enterprises' products to ASEAN countries and regions, and many Liuzhou enterprises have taken the initiative to "go global"

"in fact, the powerful manufacturing enterprises in Guangxi are mainly concentrated in Liuzhou and other places. These enterprises have strong export competitiveness to ASEAN." Zhou Yi told this newspaper that the market for Liuzhou's mini cars, for example, is very large in ASEAN

this newspaper learned that in addition to Liuqi, Liugong (000528), Liugang, SAIC GM Wuling and other key enterprises that have a significant impact on the local political and economic ecology have formulated different "going out" plans for ASEAN countries. The gap with the advanced level of foreign countries is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Zhou Yi said that from the opinions of the State Council on supporting the development of Guangxi just released last December, Guangxi should build three centers, one of which is to build a regional advanced manufacturing center. This was not in the previous Beibu Gulf strategy. This has given Liuzhou, an important advanced manufacturing town in Guangxi, a lot of room for development policy

According to Zhou Yi, under the favorable conditions of the establishment of the ASEAN Free Trade Area, Liuzhou's heavy industrial products can not only enter the ASEAN market, but also enter the markets of neighboring Southeast Asian countries through ASEAN countries

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