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Shouldering the banner of China's enterprise management reform, the first stop of the "first China non Classic Management Summit Forum" - the Beijing Forum was grandly opened at 13:00 p.m. on May 18 in the multi-function hall on the fourth floor of ivek hotel

this forum was jointly launched by Yanxiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Tsinghua Management College Tsinghua entrepreneurship Park and manager magazine, aiming to jointly explore and study the management mode that is really suitable for the development of local enterprises, and promote and promote the better development of local enterprises

there is a strong lineup of guests participating in this forum: senior managers of Yanxiang company, authoritative experts and scholars in China's management academia, CEOs of famous domestic enterprises, top 100 enterprises in China's development, 3 senior managers of enterprises that output results when pulling machine maintenance, strong media all over the country, etc

the whole forum was full of climaxes and applause. Among them, the biggest highlight is the last "dialogue" link of the meeting. The quotations of authoritative experts and the statements of management excellence won the cheers of many managers of the enterprises present. In particular, the current "opinions of the Ministry of industry and information technology on promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the refractory industry" by several senior managers of Yanxiang company pointed out that the statement has aroused everyone's resonance

with China's entry into WTO, local enterprises will inevitably face more new challenges while obtaining more opportunities. 980.7 the reform and innovation of enterprise management is imperative. In today's atmosphere in which most local enterprises and entrepreneurs are guided by "classic management", Yanxiang company has formed a unique "non classic management" with several sets of inspection reports, such as environmental protection glue and surface anti-skid rubber particles, according to the actual situation of its own development, following the principle of management innovation, and through more than a decade of extraordinary development, This unique dynamic management is the secret of the continuous growth of Yanxiang company, and it is also a competitive weapon for local enterprises to grow and become successful

it is reported that this forum will last for more than a month from May 18, and will cover seven cities including Beijing, Harbin, Shenyang, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Xi'an. I believe that this grand event of Chinese enterprise management will inevitably trigger a "revolution" in the reform of local enterprises

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