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BMW Shanghai 2014: five products of CSR Beijing Times

BMW Shanghai 2014: five products of CSR Beijing Times

China Construction machinery information

from November 25 to 28, 2014, China International Construction machinery, building materials machinery, construction vehicles and Equipment Expo (BMW Shanghai 2014) was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. In the face of thousands of exhibitors gathered to compete for the exhibition, the majority of customers and users are most concerned about big and famous manufacturers. Therefore, before the exhibition, the top three enterprises of China's piling machinery, Beijing CSR times locomotive and Rolling Stock Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CSR Beijing Times), were specially launched

CSR Beijing times brought five products to the exhibition. To know what the five products are, this magazine will take you into the Shanghai New International Expo Center located at 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. The booth of CSR Beijing Times is located in outdoor hall B44. The five products stand proudly in the booth and become a highlight of Bauma China 2014 Shanghai BMW exhibition

the largest product:

? Tr360dh rotary drilling rig is used in the pile construction industry. It is mostly used in the construction of large diameter and deep piles such as large bridges and elevated railways. It can be equipped with a variety of drilling tools, such as short screw bits, rotary buckets, core drilling buckets, etc. for hole forming operations. Due to the high torque performance of the power head and the characteristics of DuPont science, high pressure, high construction efficiency, pollution-free and multi-function, the machine can be widely used in the foundation construction of roads, bridges, high-rise buildings and other foundations in China

tr360dh rotary drilling rig

its main performance and characteristics have five aspects:

first, the large triangle support structure is adopted to reduce the turning radius and enhance the construction stability of the rig

second, the single-layer large drum design with double motors and double reducers for the rear main winch is adopted to avoid the "rope biting" phenomenon of double-layer rope winding

third, the steel wire rope pressure mode is adopted. The pressure stroke is 9 meters as standard, and the main parts are below: the optional stroke is 14 meters. The pressure and pressure stroke are larger than that of the oil cylinder, which is convenient for embedding the pile casing

fourth, optimize the design of hydraulic and electric control systems to improve the control accuracy and reaction speed of the system

fifthly, the hole depth measuring device authorized by the utility model patent is adopted to improve the accuracy of sounding


second largest product:

"independent patent, domestic first complete machine and power decentralization" chuh8000 crawler type dynamic compactor

chuh8000 crawler dynamic compactor is a type of dynamic compactor developed by CSR with a rated compaction energy of 7000kn M machine liquid integrated strong 100 mesh wood flour rammer, with gantry, its maximum ramming energy can reach 15000kn m。 As the core component of the dynamic compaction machine, the lifting mechanism adopts mechanical open gear transmission, which has the characteristics of high transmission efficiency, reliable operation and easy maintenance. This business department is scattered in the following places all over the world: dormagen, Germany (R & D); Krayfield udingen, Germany (nylon 6 polymer, composite products); Germany utrop (PBT polymer, composite products); Britten, Germany (tepex production and development); Antwerp, Belgium (nylon 6 polymer); Wuxi, China; India jihagadia (composite products); Gastonia, USA (composite products); Port felis of Brazil (composite product) can be optimized and applied. At the same time, combined with the advantages of hydraulic crawler dynamic compactor, hydraulic system control is adopted in walking, rotating and luffing, and the advantages of the two are optimized and integrated to make it more suitable for the working conditions of dynamic compaction; Compared with the traditional mechanical hydraulic integrated product, this reducer adopts the form of forward gear + reverse gear, which has the function of power lowering and can realize the lifting function of small tonnage. Therefore, this product has a wide range of uses and stronger adaptability; The whole machine and power lowering function are invention patents

chuh8000 crawler type dynamic compaction machine

its main performance and characteristics are as follows:

first, strong compaction ability. When there is no gantry, the tamping energy is 7000 kn m. The maximum allowable rammer weight is 35t; With gantry, the tamping energy is 15000 kn m. The maximum allowable rammer weight is 62.5t

second, it is safe and reliable. The safety margin of structure and mechanism design is sufficient; Famous brand hydraulic parts, greatly improve the number of operation cycles; Large chassis design effectively increases the stability of tamping operation; The two operation modes of work and installation are convenient and reliable

third, excellent operating performance. According to the use requirements of the dynamic compaction machine, in terms of operation control and electro-hydraulic speed control, the micro motion of each action is excellent, and the operation is more stable

fourth, convenient maintenance technology. The time to approach the adjustment part shall not be more than 10min/person, the time to approach the daily maintenance part shall not be more than 30min/person, and the longest maintenance approach time shall not be more than 2h/person; And equipped with GPS remote monitoring system to facilitate users to maintain and manage the equipment

fifth, the optimized transportation scheme. The whole machine has a compact structure and a detachable crawler function. The maximum transportation width of the whole machine is 3.44M and the maximum unit weight is 35t, which is convenient for transfer transportation

sixth, the unit fuel consumption is low. Compared with other manufacturers' products of the same tonnage, the machine fluid integrated type is more economical and fuel-efficient. In addition, it also has an efficient transmission system with low failure rate

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