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Building forward-looking competitiveness Foton Motor Co., Ltd. shines in Shanghai with three major legions

building forward-looking competitiveness Foton Motor Co., Ltd. shines in Shanghai with three major legions

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on April 19, 2017, the 2017 Shanghai International Auto Show with the theme of "to a better life" was solemnly opened in the spotlight. At this grand event in the international automotive industry, Foton Motor, the leading brand in China's commercial vehicle industry, appeared with its strong lineup of "three legions", and displayed the forward-looking achievements and strong strength of the group's green technology innovation and development at the commercial and passenger stands, shining on the Shanghai beach

driven by innovation, the super truck corps "drives" Shanghai

Mr. Li Jian, director of market and brand of Foton Automotive Group and director of Foton Daimler Automotive brand

Mr. Dai Zhangyu, head of ZF commercial vehicle division in China, unveiled Auman EST-A

as a key link in the framework of "Foton industry 4.0", super truck is a new generation product platform developed by Foton for at least 20 years in the future, Achieve energy conservation and emission reduction through scientific and technological means, and finally achieve the goal of greatly improving logistics efficiency. At the Shanghai auto show, Foton automobile, together with the founders of "world super truck" such as Daimler of Germany and Cummins of the United States, and members of the global innovation alliance of super truck such as ZF, webco and continental electronics, benchmarked "American Super truck" and "German future truck", and appeared at the Shanghai auto show with Foton Daimler Auman, the new platform OMAC S1 super light truck and aoling EV pure electric super light truck

Mr. gudehua, senior vice president of Foton commercial automobile group and business director of OMAC

Mr. Zhan Zhenjing, Party Secretary of Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd., unveiled OMAC S1

the "three main forces" of Foton super truck corps have their own responsibilities. Oman EST super truck is positioned in the high-end logistics market and focuses on serving punctual, efficient, long-distance and high value-added logistics users, OMAC s series aims at the global high-end urban logistics market, while aoling light truck is positioned in the medium and high-end market. The three products work together with the first-class Internet technology service provider to upgrade the driving system and car coupling system, match the information interaction function, truly implement the intelligent vehicle management and operation condition monitoring, realize the goal of interaction, communication, connectivity and monitoring, and finally achieve the goal of improving the freight efficiency by 70%, So as to further realize the double improvement of freight efficiency and intelligent logistics

Mr. Song Shushan, vice president of Foton automobile group and President of Foton commercial automobile group

Mr. Zhao Jianmin, vice president of Foton commercial automobile group and director of light commercial vehicle business, unveiled aoling EV pure electric

at present, Foton automobile has formed core scientific and technological innovation capabilities in the whole process system, vehicle integration and key module development, vehicle testing and verification, The top-level framework of "Futian industry 4.0" system with "one cloud, four interconnection and five intelligence" as the core has been completed

in the future, all the super trucks of Foton automobile will be fully equipped with the car coupling system, super fleet management system and vehicle cargo matching system developed by Foton Zhike, so as to create a green, energy-efficient, safe and intelligent solution for China's logistics and transportation system, which has brought a model of great practical significance for China's economic transformation and adjustment

green leadership, new energy bus corps "hydrogen" heart set out

as one of the most concerned issues in the world today, energy has become an opportunity for automobile manufacturers to overcome future market challenges. Reducing energy carbon intensity is a key to achieving long-term climate goals. At the two sessions that ended in March, Premier Li Keqiang repeatedly stressed the need to resolutely fight for the blue sky. As a leader in China's commercial vehicle industry, Foton automobile actively practices the enterprise, advocates a green LED enterprise approach, and clearly lays out the ideas of the new energy vehicle industry. At the Shanghai auto show, in addition to oling EV pure electric super truck, Foton also launched Foton aupfizer fuel cell bus and tuyano EV pure electric

as the initiator of the commercial operation of hydrogen fuel cell passenger cars and the model of mass production in the order of the first 100 hydrogen fuel cell passenger cars in the world - it can improve the skid resistance, elasticity, surface racemic rotation and low temperature resistance of foam wheels. Foton ohui 8.5 meter hydrogen fuel cell passenger car adopts the world's leading dry film technology, which can realize the automatic protection of low-temperature start at minus 20 degrees, low-temperature storage at minus 46 degrees and shutdown; The unique intelligent vehicle management system of Foton Zhike, with intelligent environmental protection products, intelligent operation support and intelligent human services, creates an integrated management platform for people, vehicles and roads, and enjoys intelligent and safe travel

tuyano EV's new pure electric van has passed the most stringent European safety standard assessment. It uses the same ternary lithium battery and water-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor as Tesla, as well as a large capacity battery pack, with a power of 70kwh, strong power, strong carrying capacity and long driving range

when the development layout of the enterprise is parallel to the future planning of the country, it is not accidental, but because of, wisdom and strategy. Foton has always been in the forefront of the industry in the pursuit of green transportation and the return of blue sky. From the world-renowned "2008 Olympic Games" fuel cell commercialization demonstration operation, to the first manufacturer to realize the closed loop of key projects of the National 863 plan and complete the R & D and manufacturing of hydrogen fuel cell passenger cars, to the first brand to truly realize the industrialization and commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell passenger cars worldwide, To the first enterprise to sign the order for the torque and speed required by the world's largest batch of hydrogen fuel supply screws in the extrusion process, and to the first bus enterprise to open a "hydrogen energy quality class", Foton Motor has shown a "leading posture" on the road of industrialization and development of hydrogen fuel cell buses in China

with the opening of the two-child policy, the number of domestic families has increased explosively, and the MPV market sales share has gradually increased. Foton automobile has seized the market opportunity to integrate advantageous resources, speed up the development of passenger vehicle business, and launch Beijing gatu im leapfrog MPV with the advantage of intelligent R & D, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent products at the industrial 4.0 intelligent manufacturing level, Realize the product upgrading, service upgrading and brand image upgrading of passenger car business. So far, Beijing gatu series has realized the complementary product matrix layout of IX and IM, leading the MPV market into the whole market competition stage

as a fashionable and smart home MPV, Beijing Jiatu IM is aimed at young user groups who pay attention to fashion. Through meticulous insight into people, cars and life, it focuses on listening to users' wishes for the family. Combined with the concept of "Car + Internet", it highlights the differentiated advantages of "fashion and intelligence", comes for "home", builds for "love", and leads the intelligent quality of large family travel. The new cars unveiled at the auto show include Beijing Jiatu iM8 and Beijing Jiatu im6 series, which are equipped with 1.5L and 1.4T power engines, of which 1.5L power is matched with 5-speed manual transmission. The 1.4T power released at the Shanghai auto show is matched with 6-speed manual transmission and 6-speed automatic transmission, which fully meets the diversified power needs of users

Beijing Jiatu im series is mainly designed by the international background intelligent R & D team and Japanese luxury car designers. It is made in the spirit of Chinese craftsman. With its four selling points of "beauty responsibility, intelligent adjustment, good experimental machine level, leading, comfortable driving and safety care", it is committed to providing users with the ultimate driving experience of "intelligent control and beautiful type", which greatly shortens the charging time

the listing of Beijing Jiatu im series is a breakthrough after the successful strategic transformation of Foton Motor Group. The launch of the boutique strategy represented by Beijing Jiatu im Zhimei MPV will further accelerate the development of Foton's passenger car business, effectively promote Foton to enter the first tier of China's economic passenger cars in 2020, and then achieve the goal of becoming an industry leading brand in 2025

to forge iron, we need to be hard, and hard war still needs hard strength

Foton automobile combines global advantageous resources, and constantly upgrades the core technology level of the enterprise in terms of product interconnection, intelligence and ecological sharing, which further lays a solid foundation for promoting automotive scientific and technological innovation with digitalization, networking and intelligence as the core. This is not only a reliable guarantee for Foton automobile to perfectly connect with "industry 4.0" by virtue of China's "smart" manufacturing, but also a guarantee for Foton automobile group to win the Shanghai auto show, as well as the "battle" of commercial vehicles in China and even the world

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