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Carry out "technological innovation" to the end, Mobil + Zoomlion share new value

carry out "technological innovation" to the end, Mobil + Zoomlion share new value

China Construction machinery information

since 2017, China's construction machinery industry, which has been suffering from difficulties for several consecutive years, has emerged from the clouds under multiple positive factors such as high growth in infrastructure investment, sharp demand for equipment upgrading, in-depth promotion of PPP mode, recovery of mining industry and so on, Market sales have increased significantly. At the same time, as a large number of construction machinery units adopting new technologies, new materials and new processes are about to enter the overhaul period in recent years, the huge stock market has brought an urgent need for post market maintenance technology and service quality upgrading. In order to help industry users better burst into vitality in the rapid upgrading of equipment, based on the common industry responsibilities, ExxonMobil and its strategic partner Zoomlion, as the leaders in their respective fields, once again appeared in the 2018 BMW Shanghai exhibition as a joint booth. Guided by the needs of the industry and end users, ExxonMobil and Zoomlion jointly demonstrated the overall solutions created by both sides for the construction machinery industry, Help promote the overall improvement of equipment management in China's construction machinery industry, and build strength for the sustainable development of the industry

at the exhibition site, Mr. Jiang Zhiliang, manager of ExxonMobil Asia Pacific lubrication technology center, and Dr. Ren Huili, Central Research Institute of Zoomlion Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., received an exclusive interview with China Lubricant information () and lubricant market magazine, which brought us an in-depth interpretation of "lubricant + engineering machinery" under new challenges

Mr. Jiang Zhiliang, manager of ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Lubrication Technology Center (left)

and Dr. Ren Huili, Central Research Institute of Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (right)

witnessed three milestones,

Mobil + Zoomlion released greater value

continued the cooperation concept of "safety, environmental protection and efficiency", based on more than 20 years of product cooperation, since the formal "marriage" became a strategic partner in 2016, ExxonMobil not only continues to escort the machinery team under Zoomlion with its leading comprehensive lubrication solutions, but also strengthens cooperation ties in lubrication product selection, technical exchange, after-sales service, market cooperation and joint brand promotion, so as to jointly overcome industry challenges

"cooperation" and "innovation" can be said to be the cornerstone of the cooperation between the two sides. At the beginning of the interview, President Jiang shared with us the three "milestones" achieved by the cooperation between the two sides: first, in 2018, the two sides jointly launched the "Zoomlion exclusive version" Mobil Duowei heavy-duty engine oil, which can effectively help prolong the oil change cycle and equipment service life, and meet the emission requirements of national five vehicles. It has been used in Zoomlion's construction machinery Agricultural machinery and other equipment have been widely used, which can help users in many fields such as engineering machinery achieve safe, environmental protection and efficient lubrication benefits, and continue to help Zoomlion 4.0 intelligent product team show the extraordinary innovation strength under the cooperation of both sides in domestic and foreign markets

the second is energy efficiency testing. As early as 2016, under the guidance and witness of China Energy Conservation Association, the company made extraordinary contributions to Mobil DTE 10 ™ Series hydraulic oil has carried out energy efficiency test on Zoomlion concrete trailer pump, and achieved energy-saving effect of up to 5%. Therefore, each trailer pump can save about 4500 yuan in electricity cost and 4700 kg in carbon dioxide emission every year. This year, the two sides are carrying out energy efficiency tests on Zoomlion high-altitude working platforms and hydraulic excavators respectively, in order to help more construction machinery enterprises achieve energy conservation, emission reduction and low-carbon development, and jointly deal with the advancement of construction machinery emission standards. In addition, at the internal supplier conference held by Zoomlion not long ago, ExxonMobil was awarded the "excellent supplier" and "excellent quality award", which further proved the professional quality of ExxonMobil in products and services, as well as Zoomlion's full trust and recognition of ExxonMobil

work together to reduce waste oil emissions,

build strength for the sustainable development of the industry

relevant data show that at present, in the entire industrial industry, the loss of equipment shutdown and scrapping due to wear or corrosion accounts for 10% of GDP every year, and this loss is as high as hundreds of billions. The data also shows that the annual scrap volume is expected to reach 1.2 million by 2020, This also means that a large number of construction machinery waste parts will be produced every year, which is not conducive to environmental protection and sustainable development. In this regard, Dr. Ren said that with the steady development of the construction machinery industry, remanufacture has gradually become one of the mature labels of the industry. The so-called remanufacture is the pursuit of low-carbon, environmental protection and green manufacturing, which is regarded as the development direction of industrial upgrading and replacement in the future. And "reliable, intelligent and green" It is the R & D concept of Zoomlion since 2012, for which Zoomlion has been exploring and practicing. He said that first of all, the recyclability of products should be considered on the design side. Only with the basis of recyclable design can there be "remanufacture" to reuse and repair key parts. "In 2014, we have a national project called the common key technology of construction machinery remanufacture, which solves the problems of how to recycle, when to recycle, how to remanufacture after recycling, and what are the technical standards for remanufacture evaluation."

Dr. Ren pointed out that wear resistance is the most important link in the maintenance of the whole construction machinery and equipment, so enterprises should make great efforts in their material matching. Among them, the maintenance of the lubrication system also plays a key role. What kind of material and which kind of lubricant should be used? How to maintain the lubrication system? How to set the lubrication point reasonably? By solving a series of problems, we can achieve the effect of reducing friction. This is also the continuous and in-depth technical cooperation between Zoomlion and ExxonMobil, as leaders in their respective fields, with green development as the consensus

"high quality lubricating oil and professional services can help effectively extend the service life of the equipment and comprehensively improve the working efficiency of the new generation of construction machinery and equipment. At the same time, because the service life of the equipment is extended, the service life of the lubricating oil is longer, and the equipment scrap rate is correspondingly reduced. By extending the service life of the lubricating oil, the discharge of waste oil is actually reduced." President Jiang said that ExxonMobil also actively carried out a series of tests with industry customers and authoritative institutions. Recently, Mobil used Mobil Unilever on seven large tonnage excavators located in five different regions of the country ™ N46 hydraulic oil was tested for a total of 12 months, and the excavator was loaded. The test results verify that the oil change time of each excavator is more than 3000 hours, which greatly exceeds the oil change cycle of its original oil. It proves that Mobil industrial lubricant can help customers effectively extend the service life of oil products and reduce the discharge of waste oil

ExxonMobil and Zoomlion joint booth style

technology first, services upgraded to cost reduction and efficiency multiplier

in the face of the great development period of the industry, the industry's demand for brand service upgrading is also more urgent. How will international giant ExxonMobil and Zoomlion, the "big power heavy equipment", carry out the service to the end, help customers further improve equipment stability and achieve cost reduction and efficiency? "The coordination of the whole service process is technology oriented and continuous technological innovation." Dr. Ren said that mechanical properties are more important than other physical properties. Both sides pay great attention to technology in the process of moving forward. Now Zoomlion pays more attention to the application of IOT platform. It collects, integrates and analyzes big data through many advanced equipment to detect the actual operating conditions and operating time of the equipment, and accurately customize its repair and maintenance services according to the actual operating status of the equipment

President Jiang said that ExxonMobil has always been committed to helping the stable operation of equipment with more professional, comprehensive and targeted lubrication solutions, and helping Chinese enterprises achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase. In July this year, the service of Mobil Youshida was upgraded, which further embodies the brand concept of "professional lubrication and home service" of Mobil Youshida

"First of all, Mobil yushida's on-site engineering and technical services cover all the areas that Zoomlion can cover in the country. Mobil's on-site service engineers will provide a complete and comprehensive set of on-site engineering and technical services to solve challenging lubrication problems, evaluate lubricant compatibility, compare product performance, and support fault analysis; and our proud Mobil yushida oil analysis service is located in Shanghai R & D center Set up a professional oil laboratory to conduct physical and chemical analysis of oil products in use, and comprehensively grasp the state of oil products in the process of use. Therefore, further monitor the operation of Zoomlion equipment. Through such services, we can help Zoomlion and its users grasp the status of machinery and equipment in time, avoid unplanned downtime, and provide guarantee for all customers to improve safety, environmental protection and efficient productivity. "

in addition, Mobil Youshida lubrication consulting service can supplement fine testing for oil analysis plan, and provide in-depth analysis and detailed feasibility suggestions on equipment and oil products; Mobil yushida lubrication knowledge lecture is a comprehensive training course guided by professional engineers to assist factory personnel in implementing and managing more efficient and feasible lubricating oil related measures, so as to improve operation efficiency. And Mobil yushida industry lubrication service plan, based on a deep understanding of the needs of the construction machinery industry, to provide customers with integrated industry lubrication service plans. "We constantly share the latest lubrication technology and the best lubrication services with Zoomlion and its users to jointly improve everyone's understanding of lubrication!"

ExxonMobil and Zoomlion joint booth style

high quality has developed into the main theme,

"safety, environmental protection and efficiency" escort

for the recovery of China's construction machinery market in the past two years, the two leaders also expressed their views. Dr. Ren believes that the first is to increase infrastructure investment; Second, there were a lot of equipment leaving the factory from 2010 to 2012. Now it is time to replace the equipment, and the market demand is greater; Third, under the "national five" standard, the elimination rate of road vehicles is high, and the implementation of the "national four" standard of non road machinery will also drive the improvement of the demand of the whole industry. "On another level, after the overall decline of the industry from 2012 to 2016, both customers and manufacturers have become relatively rational. Everyone has a relatively consistent judgment on the whole market and believes that this is a relatively smooth transition." Dr. Ren said that under the background of this industry, it is more necessary to settle down and make the product quality better. "Now, fewer and fewer customers are talking about price with us. They are more about quality and the added value that products can bring. With the increasing rationalization of the market, the demand for high-end and high-quality products is also rising rapidly."

President Jiang also agreed with the steady growth trend of the construction machinery industry. He said that ExxonMobil was very optimistic about the development of this market. With the substantial growth of domestic construction machinery ownership, the use of lubricants in engineering equipment is increasing, and the demand is mainly reflected in engine oil, hydraulic oil, transmission oil and grease. Enterprises in infrastructure engineering and related fields are also seeking breakthroughs through the development of the post construction machinery market. "Green and sustainable

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