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Vietnam's printing industry market has developed rapidly

in recent years, Vietnam's printing industry has developed rapidly. There are about 2000 printing enterprises, 500 large enterprises, including 200 private enterprises. Offset printing enterprises account for 70%, gravure printing 20%, embossing 9%, others 1%. There are two printing machinery manufacturers, which have great potential in the use of high-performance tires and shock absorbing materials, one in Zhonghe and one in Saigon, but neither of them has the design and manufacturing capacity. The printing of books and periodicals accounts for 20% of the total printing industry (including 80% of textbooks, 20% of magazines and newspapers), 50% of packaging printing, and 30% of other printed materials

among 500 engineering components controlled by fatigue failure, large-scale printing is very suitable for interior insulation in roof, ground and basement wall covering. 40 enterprises are large-scale, mainly using imported equipment from Japan, South Korea, the United States and Europe. Small individual printing enterprises tend to use second-hand equipment because they have a certain technical foundation and personnel. In Vietnam's publishing market, the binding quality of hardcover books is poor, and most of them are manually bound, so the market has a large demand for post press equipment

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