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The printing machinery market should focus on the big picture

since 2005, except for some strong enterprises, printing machinery manufacturers generally feel that the sales market is relatively depressed, the sales volume is declining, and the inventory is increasing. Some small enterprises even left the printing machinery industry to find another way. Some enterprises have encountered unprecedented economic difficulties in their development, with poor capital turnover and personnel loss. Some state-owned enterprises that have suffered losses for many years are in a more difficult situation. In the hopeless situation of turning losses around, some have extended a helping hand to the society and sought capital injection or acquisition from large international and domestic enterprise groups to gain new life. CHINApRINT2005 Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition has achieved unprecedented success, and the manufacturers have achieved good sales performance at the exhibition, but after the exhibition, the market sales are still not improving. According to the statistics of intermediary agencies, the sales revenue in the first half of 2005 increased by only 0.7% over the same period last year, creating the lowest point during the exhibition plan period of 15 hair with strong data and graphics processing functions. The only little increase was created by enterprises with good export situation and enterprises with strong development momentum in recent years. From the import of printing machinery, it can also be seen that the market began to decline. From January to May 2005, 385 sheet fed printing machines were imported, with an import volume of nearly 241million US dollars; 31 web printing machines were imported, with an import volume of 3744 million US dollars. In 2004, 1052 sheet fed printing machines were imported, with an import value of 631million US dollars; 106 web printing machines were imported, with an import volume of 169million US dollars. Compared with this, it is obvious that the import volume fell sharply in the first few months of last year

the faster development of the national economy at a certain historical stage is caused by comprehensive factors such as the international and domestic political and economic environment and relevant policies. Just as China ended the Cold War mentality in the world and adopted the policy of reform and opening up in China, the development of the printing machinery market is closely related to the domestic development environment. China is a developing country, and there is a large economic gap between urban and rural areas, coastal areas and the mainland. There is also a big gap in people's lives. The imbalance of development determines the extensibility of the market development space. The general development trend of the printing machinery and equipment market should be optimistic

in addition, any product has a certain life cycle, and expanding the life cycle of the product should be on the premise of increasing the technical content of the product and adapting to the growing needs of users. Any product still has a certain practical stage. Users have different requirements for products in different periods, just like when lead printing is transferred to offset printing, 01 machine is transferred to 08 machine, and photographic plate making is transferred to laser phototypesetting. If there is a problem in the product structure, the enterprise will not be able to do anything. In terms of the sales of sheet fed printing machines, the enterprises with good sales situation at present are the enterprises that have entered the field of multi-color machines earlier in strategy

the market demand trend in technology and quality shows a development process from low to high, and the development of printing machine enterprises should also conform to this process. It is inevitable that the sales volume of those enterprises that produce backward equipment that the state has officially eliminated will decline. It is not surprising that the development of the printing machinery market presents periodic fluctuations, which reflects the changes in user needs. For the printing machinery and equipment market, with the improvement of product technology and quality, it is still a trend of rapid growth in the long run

factors affecting the printing machinery market in 2005

the factors affecting the printing machinery sales market are complex, including the following factors

1. According to China's national economic development plan, there is a cycle every five years. Last year was the last year of the tenth five year plan. The development funds for technological transformation have been completed, and all large state-owned printing enterprises are in the closing stage. Therefore, it is impossible to have more funds to buy Printing machinery and equipment. The funds for purchasing equipment have been included in the eleventh five year plan

2. During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the State stipulated the printing industry management regulations for the printing industry system 5. Fabric tear testing, and set thresholds for the qualification of the printing industry. The role of policies in promoting the prosperity of the printing machinery market has passed, and the market has returned to the relationship between supply and demand of both parties. The policy of eliminating backward production capacity, processes and equipment has played a role, although there are still a large number of backward equipment in use and a small number of backward equipment in manufacturing. Without a new strong policy, the impact can be ignored

3. The third most important reason is the impact of which countries' macro-control policies on the nine industries on the printing industry since 2004. Since the reform and opening up, the printing and packaging industry has developed rapidly. Excessive investment and blind duty-free import of high-end equipment have also caused repeated construction in industries such as steel and electrolytic aluminum. Recently, the state has issued a new macro-control policy, expanding the policy of large-scale investment projects subject to the approval of the central government from three industries to nine industries, including the printing industry. Measures to restrict blind investment will inevitably affect the sales market of printing equipment

4. The merger and reorganization of printing enterprises has led to the birth of many newspaper and printing enterprise groups. Integrating stock assets and giving full play to the potential of existing equipment, the desire to buy equipment declined, which also affected the printing machinery market

5. The state has strengthened the legal system, constantly cracked down on illegal publications, the proliferation of small advertisements and restrictions on the printing volume of teaching auxiliary materials, so that the printing industry has entered a benign stage of development. In the past year, the policy of over packaging legislation and building an energy-saving society also standardized the development of the printing industry and also affected the sales market of printing machinery

6. Foreign famous brand enterprises frequently set up factories in China, which further internationalized the competitive environment of domestic enterprises. In 2005, Heidelberg company has announced the establishment of the first overseas wholly-owned enterprise in Shanghai to produce yinba pm520 sheet fed multicolor lithography press. According to incomplete statistics, six foreign enterprises have established wholly-owned factories in China

main countermeasures

in view of the above factors affecting the sales market of printing equipment, the development of printing machinery industry should also adjust ideas to further promote the rapid development of printing machinery and equipment

the specific measures are as follows:

1 With the development of printing industry, higher requirements are put forward for the level of printing machinery and equipment. Printing machinery enterprises should work hard to improve the technical level and quality level of equipment, constantly improve the automation, digitization and high-quality level of equipment, actively adopt international advanced technology, improve the technical content of equipment, especially accelerate the adoption of CTP technology, clp4 interface technology, independent drive technology, frequency conversion and speed regulation technology, etc

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2. The quality of products in recent years is not comparable with that ten years ago. Domestic and foreign manufacturers will adopt a recall system to repair or replace parts if they find problems after vehicle sales, so as to ensure product quality and reduce the possibility of failure. Recently, Shenyang machine tool group recalled 72 CNC machine tools produced in the past and replaced them with new equipment, so as to improve the image of the enterprise. Whether printing machinery and equipment can also adopt this method, on the one hand, to recover the adverse effects, on the other hand, to expand the market for new products. There are many ways to recall: replace the whole machine with the old one; Replacement method of parts; Free maintenance; The way of valuable acquisition of old equipment, etc

3. After more than 20 years of rapid development of the printing machinery manufacturing industry, most of the leading products have been initially industrialized, the medium and low-end product market has basically achieved localization, and the medium and high-end product market has become the main impact target of some group companies, and good results have been achieved in recent years. In the environment of increasingly fierce international competition, the importance of realizing collectivization has been recognized by entrepreneurs. Some enterprises have achieved modular management through their own development or merger and reorganization. As the first 10-year action plan of the Chinese government to implement the strategy of building a powerful manufacturing country, the strength of enterprises has been growing, and considerable progress has been made in the process of collectivization. Some enterprises also adopt loose or relatively close horizontal alliances to form a unified market-oriented sales mechanism, and their competitive strength has been strengthened, so that the printing machinery manufacturing industry can develop healthily and rapidly. When the market is relatively depressed, it is the best time to promote the collectivization. Powerful enterprises should speed up the process of collectivization and improve their competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets

4. There are harsh conditions for the import of printing machinery and equipment in Europe, one of which requires that the products pass the CE safety system certification. For the products participating in the exhibition, the products that have not passed the CE safety certification cannot be sold in the European market. At present, China has not established a safety standardization system for printing machinery, and the equivalent transformation of safety standards formulated by the international organization for standardization has just begun

safety technical standards related to Europe include:

en1010 safety requirements for the design and construction of printing and paper processing machinery

bsen1010 safety requirements for the design and production of printers and paper processing machines (including binding machines, paper processing machines and decorative machines)

NF q79 safety requirements for the design and structure of printing and reeling machines Part 3 paper cutters

iso12648 safety requirements for printing machine system

DIN EN 13023 printing, paper processing The noise measurement method and accuracy of paper machines

BS cwa14641 safety management system of safety printing production department

the standards adopted by Chinese printing machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises are basically organized for production in accordance with the industrial standards formulated by the National Printing Machinery Standardization Technical Committee. There is still a gap between the technical requirements and testing methods of the standard and those of developed countries and international standards. We should speed up the equivalent transformation of international standards to meet the technical level requirements of the international market for equipment, so that printing machine equipment can participate in the competition in the international market

currently, International key technical standards related to printing machinery are as follows:

ISO 15930 graphics technology preprint digital exchange PDF format use Part 3 complete exchange of applicable color management workflow (PDF/x-3)

ISO 15930 graphics technology preprint digital exchange PDF format uses part 4 for the complete exchange of CMYK and dot color printing data

iso15930 graphics technology preprint digital data exchange PDF format uses part 5 for the exchange of printing data

iso15930 graphics technology preprint digital data exchange PDF format uses part 6 for the complete exchange of printing data of color management workflow

BS iso12635 Printing technology offset printing plate size for offset printing

jis B 9606 printing machinery printing plate position positioning pin system

ul775 painting and calligraphy printing equipment

the length of this car is 4.5m. When the market is relatively depressed, enterprises seize the opportunity to actively collect, actively adopt the international advanced standards of printing machinery, and integrate with the world as soon as possible

5. Establish domestic technical barriers and import regulations. In recent years, with the continuous influx of foreign advanced equipment into China, low-grade printing machinery and second-hand equipment have also poured into the domestic market without technical prevention, interfering with the healthy development of the domestic printing machinery manufacturing market

the quantity of import II cannot be counted, but it can be seen from the market trading situation and the prosperity of imported printing machinery overhaul that the import quantity is considerable. In order to protect the safety of the domestic market, the

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