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Printing news: Henan pulp market

the paper market has remained in the off-season since June, with the shipment speed slowing down and the pulp price basically stable. In terms of futures, the average price of coniferous pulp is $690 and broad-leaved pulp is $700; In terms of spot, the average transaction price of coniferous pulp is 4750 yuan, and that of broad-leaved eucalyptus pulp is 4800 yuan

in terms of broad-leaved pulp, eucalyptus pulp is currently reported at $750 due to Brazil's strong ability to control the market, and the price has been strong. Due to the sluggish market demand, the delivery of finished paper is blocked, and the paper mill is expected to reduce the price of pulp. The performance of graphene based heat dissipation materials is more than twice that of existing products, so this price is unacceptable. Therefore, the outer disc in these two months did not start receiving orders until the end of the month, In the end, foreigners raised their wishes, but the values in the list were also different. The apparent consumption of plastic was as high as 93 million tons, which failed. After two months of high prices, both ended in flat prices

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