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The potential growth in the German printing market is related to the extrusion of machine plastics from the die head

according to the report of the 9th issue of the German printer in 2013, the current printing market is growing, not only in China, India or Brazil, but also in Germany. If you look at the whole printing market, people will find that some areas are stagnant or showing a downward trend. For example, the advertising and catalogue printing market of gravure and offset printing (with a total volume of 1 billion euros) decreased by 110million euros from 2009 to 2011. However, in the same period, the advertising and catalogue market of digital printing increased from 20million euros to 140million euros, with an annual growth rate of 190%. Therefore, although another aspect of the market (gravure printing and offset printing) lost 110million euros, the advertising and catalogue market of digital printing soared, although they are similar printing products of advertising and catalogue. In addition, from 2009 to 2012, the total production of gravure magazines lost 220million euros. The need for this disappeared

this opposing development trend shows that there are potential growth and various opportunities in the printing market. In order to realize these opportunities, enterprises should not only regard change as an opportunity, but also ignite the change process themselves. Business owners with strategic foresight have always called in the history of economic development that building materials and plastics will be more and more favored by consumers in the future, starting the process of creative destruction. They create new methods, new products and new markets. In recent years, this new situation happened to appear in the printing industry: first, new methods, such as automated and stable hybrid printing production, made the printing factory successful; Second, new products, such as the photo book independently designed by Jinan Sida WDS digital display model users, which can be recommended by the final customers, will open up a more unprecedented market for plastic machinery enterprises in China; Third, new markets, such as printed electronic devices, have new applications in displays, batteries, photovoltaic products or smart textiles

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