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When talking about the current situation of the domestic printing industry, Mr. liuxuezhi, general manager of Han's Guanhua Printing Technology Co., Ltd., expounded his views

1. The printing of books and newspapers in the publishing industry has been impacted. With the wide application of 3G networks and tablet computers, publishing houses and book and newspaper printing houses have set up digital network marketing institutions, and the trend of developing network publishing and sales, as well as the transfer of publishing situation caused by the popularity of Internet, have an impact on the book and newspaper printing in the publishing industry

2. Commercial printing will still maintain a steady development in the next five years. Due to the particularity of commercial advertising, commercial printing will still ensure the steady development of these measures, including reducing the size of packaging. Samples, building books, picture albums, DMNs, postcards, business cards, etc. will not have much impact with the emergence of new digital publishing technologies

3. Packaging and printing will be because we suggest that only one condition element can be adjusted at a time when adjusting the mold test conditions. 3: the transmission system of electronic tensile testing machine has greater development. Packaging and printing will not be affected by the emergence of Internet and new media, and the prospect is bright. However, there will be significant changes in the way of printing, and the proportion of digital printing will be greatly increased. The proportion of gravure printing, silk screen printing and flexographic printing technology will be reduced

4. Due to the vigorous development of new energy, new electronic technology and new technology in the field of new communication, it can be predicted that more printing machines will be applied to these emerging industries

5. Digital printing, especially ink-jet printing, is not so terrible. It is impossible to replace traditional printing. It can only be a supplement to traditional printing

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