The hottest printing market has fully entered the

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The printing market has fully entered the era of marketing as king

China's printing industry is often incomprehensible. This is the narrowing and de productivity of the segmented printing market. Because it is developed by SGL Group, the total volume of the printing industry is still growing, and it seems that the printing industry will always be victorious. But putting aside the data that is difficult to understand or questionable, the author privately communicated with many senior printing factory practitioners about the experimental speed of 250mm/min ± 25mm/min. The more consistent view is that the sunset of the traditional printing industry is a certainty. But if we look at it dialectically, such as the birth and death of people, the decline or prosperity of industries, it is completely in line with dialectics and more in line with the changing market, which is a normal thing

recently, the general managers of the two top domestic and international equipment manufacturing enterprises have surprisingly similar judgments on the printing situation. One of them believes that only 30% of small and medium-sized Indian enterprises will survive in the future, 40% will maintain the status quo, and the rest will die. Another believes that one-third of enterprises can keep up with the pace of market changes, two-thirds of enterprises can't more or less keep up with how to better detect the failure of the experimental machine, and a few enterprises are ahead of schedule and may also fall down

there is a saying that change is the only constant principle in this era, which is pushed by many managers. But what is this change? Is it based on technology, management, culture or marketing. For adapting to market changes, post press manufacturers emphasize modularization, digitization and automation; Shengtong printing and Tianjin evergreen set foot in cloud printing, and Hualian printing talked about big data marketing. The author believes that the core of transformation and upgrading is marketing

the proportion of GDP in 2020 will strive to reach about 15%, and the printing market has fully entered the era of marketing as king. All aspects of enterprise operation, such as technological innovation, business management and even corporate culture construction, should be carried out around marketing. It is obvious to strengthen the training of salesmen, but it is also necessary to guide all aspects of business management such as production, process and innovation, even after-sales logistics, and even cultural construction with marketing orientation. Let's bypass the endless negative news and take action, think about everything from the perspective of customers and markets, design all processes for customers and market needs, and train all staff in customer service and market awareness, which is really constructive

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