Common terms of the hottest CNC technology II

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Common terms of numerical control technology (II)

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29) command mode instruction working mode.

30) a set of instructions in a block program to achieve a certain operation.

31) part program (p art program) In automatic processing, a set of sequential instructions written in a certain language or format in order to make automatic operations effective. The part program is a processing program written on the input medium, or it can be an input prepared for the computer, and the processing program is obtained after processing

32) machine program in the automatic machining control system, a set of sequential instructions written in automatic control language and format. These instructions are recorded on the appropriate input medium, which can fully realize direct operation

33) end of program indicates the auxiliary function of the end of workpiece processing

34) and carefully fill in the auxiliary functions that enable the spindle function to be deleted through these laboratories and other functions (such as cooling function) after the execution of all commands in the end of data program section of the mechanical routine maintenance record

35) after the execution of all commands in the progrom stop program section, delete the spindle function and other functions, and terminate the subsequent auxiliary functions of data processing

36) preparation function is a command that enables the machine tool or control system to establish the processing function mode

37) miscellaneous function is a command that controls the switching function of machine tool or system

38) tool function identifies or transfers tools according to corresponding format specifications

39) feed function defines the command of feed speed technical specification

40) spindle speed function is a command that defines the technical specifications of spindle speed

41) the feed hold function is temporarily interrupted during the execution of the processing program

42) tool path the path traveled by the specified point on the cutting tool

43) zero offset is a feature of CNC system It allows the origin of the CNC measurement system to move relative to the zero point of the machine tool within the specified range, but its permanent zero point exists in the CNC system

44) tool offset is the relative displacement applied to the coordinate axis of the machine tool in all or specified parts of a machining program The displacement direction of the shaft is determined by the positive and negative of the offset value

45) the tool length offset is offset in the tool length direction

46) tool radlus offset tool offset in two coordinate directions

47) cutter compensation refers to the displacement perpendicular to the tool path, which is used to correct the difference between the actual tool radius and the programmed tool radius

48) tool path feed rate refers to the speed at which the reference point on the tool moves relative to the workpiece along the tool path, and its unit is usually expressed in the amount of movement per minute or per revolution

49) fixed cycle (canned cycle) develops some operation commands set by the new economy in advance. According to these operation commands, the coordinate sleeve of the machine tool moves and the main sleeve works, so as to complete the fixed processing action. For example, drilling, cutting, tapping and the composite actions of these processes

50) subroutine is a part of the processing program, and the subroutine can be called by the appropriate processing control command to take effect

51) planning sheet refers to the part processing process table prepared for the part before preparing the processing procedure

52) executable program is a set of instructions that establish the running ability in the CNC system

53) override is a manual control function that enables the operator to modify the programmed value of speed (such as feed rate, spindle speed, etc.) during processing

54) servo mwchanisnt this is a kind of servo. In the past, it was generally a sample preparation and detection system, in which the controlled quantity is the mechanical position or the derivative of the mechanical position to time

55) error the difference between the calculated value, observed value or actual value and the true value, given value or theoretical value

56) resolution is the smallest distinguishable interval between two adjacent discrete quantities

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