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Common transportation accidents in mines and their prevention

1. Common transportation accidents in mines

(1) when walking, do not pay attention to the vehicles in front of and behind, and do not avoid in time when encountering the vehicles, causing casualties

(2) do not comply with the relevant provisions of the underground, climbing and pedaling cause crushing injury, falling injury, bumping injury or electric shock

(3) when transporting explosive materials, the blaster did not transport them according to the regulations, so that the detonator was squeezed or vibrated too much and exploded and injured people

(4) when taking the passenger car, my body stretched out of the car, and I was scratched and crushed when I hurried to get on and off the car before the car stopped steadily

(5) person 8 Report: the experimental data and marked forms can be automatically reported and printed. When pushing a cart, people in front of or behind the cart are not noticed, or the cart flies, or one person pushes more than one vehicle in violation of the provisions of the coal mine safety regulations, resulting in personal injury accidents such as bumps, bumps, crush injuries, etc

(6) the roadway section is too small, or the side cart causes pedestrian bumps, crush injuries and even fatal accidents

2. Main causes of common transportation accidents in mines

(1) pedestrian violations. Such as climbing and pedaling; The train runs in the middle of the tunnel

(2) the driver operates against rules. Illegal jacking; One pusher pushes more than one vehicle; The pusher pushes the cart sideways

the loading speed is 0.5mm/min

(3) the transportation management is not strict. There are many sundries in the roadway, and the roadway deformation is not repaired in time; Lack of necessary car stopper and signal lamp

3. Preventive measures for mine transportation accidents

(1) abide by the rules and regulations of transportation management, and climbing and pedaling are strictly prohibited

(2) comply with the regulations of manual carts. When pushing manually, the personnel must pay attention to the front. When starting to push, finding that there are people or obstacles in front and approaching the turnout, curve, Lane crossing, air door, chamber exit, the pusher must send a signal; Flying cars are strictly prohibited; When pushing in the same direction, the track slope is less than or equal to 5, and the distance between the two vehicles shall not be less than 10 meters. When the slope is greater than 7, it is strictly prohibited to push manually

(3) strict transportation management. Electric locomotive drivers must work with certificates; Strictly implement the "operating procedures" and "post system" of extruders in developed countries, which have generally adopted modern electronic and computer control technology; Regularly overhaul locomotives and tramcars

(4) the roadway section shall be constructed according to the regulations, and the mine track shall be laid according to the standards to strengthen the maintenance

(5) when walking in the roadway, walk on the sidewalk, don't walk in the middle of the track, don't cross the electric locomotive track and winch track at will, when carrying long tools, pay attention to avoid hurting others and touching the overhead line, and when the vehicle approaches, immediately enter the refuge chamber for temporary refuge

the arrow of activity deviation should be marked on the outside of the appropriate parts (6) when crossing the main lane and passing through curves and intersections, one stop, two look and three pass should be achieved; No one can pass through the bottom of vertical shaft and inclined shaft; When walking in an inclined lane that is also used as a pedestrian, do not walk with vehicles in accordance with the regulations that pedestrians do not drive and traffic does not allow people

(7) places with fences and danger warning signs are very dangerous and cannot be entered without authorization; Blasting operations often hurt people, and it is not allowed to forcibly pass through the blasting warning line and enter the blasting warning area

(8) when you pass by a place where someone is working, you must say hello first to avoid falling objects and touching people

(9) in the process of walking, you should always pay attention to all kinds of signals in the shaft and lane. When passing by, don't talk, laugh, quarrel and fight loudly

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