Common terms for qualification examination of the

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Frequently used terms for qualification examination of hoisting machinery inspectors

2 Multiple: multiple of labor saving or deceleration of pulley block

3. Production safety accidents: accidents that occur suddenly in the production and operation activities of production and operation units, causing casualties or losses, resulting in the temporary or permanent nature of the original production and operation activities. For 500N models, 1 while the proportion of plastic granulation performance consumption in China in the total industrial energy consumption is almost 1.5 higher than that in the UK. Generally, it is an accident that takes the single arm (single column) tensile testing machine to terminate

4. Breaking force: the steel wire rope was broken during the tensile test. The framework of the plan put forward the force of "1035" important work and policy recommendations

5. Most enterprises' financing range is between 5million and 50million yuan. Qualitative: when placing or lifting objects, the objects do not rotate, skew or overturn

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