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The printing industry wants to break the cost pressure (II)

Liu Jing also found that some printing enterprises have only established shops, but they are not long-term, and do not maintain and update information in time. He believes that in order to truly apply e-commerce, Indian enterprises should not only have special personnel responsible for updating information, but also actively participate in network promotion activities. The network awareness of Indian enterprises needs to be improved

the prospect of electronic transactions is promising. 20% of the business network matchmaking

the development of e-commerce has many areas that need to be improved for Indian enterprises. Wang Guiping proposed three improvement measures: first, the major difficulty is that the flow of salesperson in the printing plant will drive the flow of business. However, now the boss of the printing plant or the business manager of the oil pressure sensor measurement can manage the behavior of salesperson through the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system on the platform, including communication behavior, quotation behavior, etc. Secondly, enterprises do not have special personnel to maintain their own shops, resulting in delayed content updates and insufficient activity. Thirdly, electronic payment is also a common problem in e-commerce transactions between enterprises, which needs to be solved by national financial institutions

when the author asked when the e-commerce of the domestic printing industry would mature and perfect by choosing materials with higher prices, Wang Guiping said: it is difficult to say. What is the standard for the maturity of e-commerce in an industry? Now the outside world has not defined it, and it is not easy for us to define it. For example, how much of the transaction volume of the e-commerce market accounts for the gross domestic product of the whole industry is mature? However, one thing is certain that more and more people will use e-commerce

according to Wang Guiping's estimation, in 2010, 10% of the transactions in the domestic printing industry were completed entirely through the Internet, or at least 20% of the transactions were initiated or participated in auxiliary transactions through the statistical and processing of experimental data. The prospect of e-commerce in the printing industry is very promising

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