The hottest printing operation reproduces tragedy.

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The printing operation reproduces the tragedy. Don't be tired of printing. Guide: at about 8:48 on May 7, a worker's hand was stuck by the printing machine in Jiaqing trademark color printing plant, No. 108, Dashun button South Road, Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province, and the situation was very critical. After receiving the alarm, the command center quickly dispatched a car of 5 people from Jiashan squadron to the rescue

after arriving at the scene, the fire officers and soldiers found that a 40 year old man's left hand was stuck between the two bearings of the printing machine. The workers at the scene had used crowbars, iron bars and other tools to pry between the two bearings, so as to alleviate the man's pain. According to the on-site situation, the fire officers and soldiers quickly discussed the rescue plan. The fire officers and soldiers used the hydraulic expanding pliers to expand the two bearings, hoping to expand the gap between the two bearings. However, because the two bearings are too close to each other, it cannot be said that there is no way to separate the bearings with the expanding pliers. The commander decided to use the cutting equipment to cut one end of the bearing, then use the crowbar to pry out the space, and then take out the hand. In order to ensure that the trapped man would not suffer secondary injury, the firefighters first removed the detachable part of the printing machine to expose the main body of the machine, and then cut the bearing of the printing machine with a cutting machine. After 20 minutes of intense rescue, the man's hand was finally successfully removed. Due to his serious injury, the man was sent to hospital for treatment

according to the workmates, the man has worked in the factory for many years, and he knows more about the printing press. Today, his hand is somehow stuck by the machine

the fire department reminds: summer is coming, the majority of printing workers should always stay awake, that is, at any time, must not affect their own safety because of fatigue

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