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The printing industry will enter the era of "personalized customization"

just as the four-day Second China (Beijing) International Cultural and Creative Industry Expo (ICIF) has just concluded, the bustling China International Exhibition Center has welcomed another international exhibition, 2007 international digital printing and publishing equipment and graphic and image printing technology exhibition and Conference (on demand China 2007). This professional exhibition for digital printing technology and on-demand printing services was founded by Winfrey public relations in 1994, and has been held only in the United States and Japan. Driven and catalyzed by various factors, on demand will debut at the National Exhibition for the first time on November 15 and 17 to meet Chinese audiences

from XX, the project leader of China Exhibition Group Beijing Huagang Exhibition Co., Ltd., the organizer of on demand China 2007, to understand that if the clamping experiment is broken near the clamping part, as early as 4 days before the exhibition, the company has begun to arrange exhibitors to enter the exhibition hall 9 of the national exhibition to plan and implement the exhibition arrangement, that is, if the test piece needs to be tested for the second time, it shows that it pays attention to this on demand exhibition, It also shows high hopes for its success. Due to sufficient preparation, exhibitors and exhibition equipment were taken care of to the greatest extent, and the number of professional and amateur visitors participating in the three-day digital printing exhibition jumped to more than 10000. Because the main purpose of this on demand conference is to popularize the concept and technology of on-demand printing to the domestic consumer public, the human body painting exhibition and foreign excellent digital printing works exhibition arranged by the exhibitors have been warmly pursued by the audience. The audience on the 15th alone exceeded the expected 5000 of Huagang company. At the same time, many professional visitors from finance, insurance, postal service, advertising and other industries had a heated exchange and discussion with the participating digital printing equipment giants

this ongoing international digital printing event not only presents colorful digital printing technology to audiences from all walks of life, but also brings digital printing into the daily life of mass consumers in a larger sense. The enthusiastic response from all sides shows that the printing industry is about to enter the era of personalized customization

when fashion, jewelry and jewelry gradually conquered the contemporary elite who are keen on work and enjoy by launching customized services tailored for customers, the strong personal color and supreme beauty of customization representatives not only become the trend of leading the development of the times, but also integrate a deeper cultural flavor into the continuous development. With the continuous efforts of major digital printing equipment manufacturers and international exhibitions such as on demand in the field of personal applications of on-demand printing, digital printing is no longer a synonym for enterprises in the consciousness of most Chinese people: whether you want to send a unique card on the important anniversary of your lover, family and friends Collect the happy time you spent together, and even just take this to say a simple sentence, I love you, or do you expect to be able to have a problem, be interested in artistic creation instead of spending time on printing, or just hope that your favorite work can also bring sensory pleasure to others, or even create a unique private collection of works that belongs to you, which can be easily achieved by on-demand printing technology

for another part of the market, for enterprise users, the vigorous and comprehensive popularization of on-demand printing is tantamount to an office revolution. Especially for industries such as telecommunications, postal services, banking, securities, insurance and advertising, which need to face picky details, pursue excellence and flaunt their personality to demanding customers, promotional materials, programs and settlement bills that directly contact the outside world and display their corporate image may become the decisive factor in breaking or facilitating an order. For example, various bills begin to show an increasingly strong personalized tendency, which makes us have every reason to believe that the personalized printing market not only has great potential, but also will have extremely bright prospects and future

due to the continuous growth of China's digital printing industry in recent years, some experts predict that the Chinese market will become the next opportunity for the vigorous development of the digital printing industry, so the Chinese market has become a new target of on demand exhibition. Nowadays, the demand for on-demand printing services in the Chinese market has gradually formed, and shows a high-speed development trend. However, what is incompatible with this situation is that Chinese consumers still don't know much about the concept and technology of on-demand printing. The temporary lag in concept has affected the growth of on-demand printing market share and limited the development of domestic digital printing technology to a certain extent. However, it cannot stop the awakening of Chinese people in printing on-demand awareness. According to the data from Yingchuan company of the United States, the output value of China's printing industry is about 200billion yuan, of which 5% is suitable for digital printing business, that is, 10billion yuan. The digital printing market has a certain demand space. Digital and networking technology guides the development of society and also shows the future direction of printing technology and printing market

as early as 2003, a reporter from RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) in the United States clearly felt the popularity of aluminum in the field of automotive lightweight. A report mentioned that by 2010, the traditional printing industry will account for only 68% of the printing industry, while the remaining 32% will be replaced by various forms of digital printing. At that time, both individuals and enterprises will feel the amazing changes brought by digital printing

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