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Decoration budget is a link that cannot be ignored before family decoration. A good budget is an important factor to ensure that the decoration does not exceed the cost. However, doing a good decoration budget is also a troublesome thing, and there are many details that need to be paid attention to. The following editor will share with you in detail

I: review the home decoration design drawings

a complete, detailed and accurate set of drawings is the basis of the budget quotation, because the quotation is based on the specific size, material and process in the drawings. If the drawings are inaccurate, the budget is also inaccurate. In addition, some projects that do not appear on the drawings, such as line reconstruction, demolition and installation of lamps and sanitary wares, will also be reflected in the home decoration budget. You can check the budget according to the specific size on the drawing. Budget for some special situations

II: project items and quantities

check whether all the project items in the budget are complete, and see whether you list all the things you need to do on the budget. Special attention should be paid not to omit some projects that should be done. These missed projects must be done when they arrive at the site for construction, but it is inevitable to go through additional procedures and increase another unexpected expenditure. During the review, the specific quantity of each project in the budget shall be checked with reference to the drawings

III: construction technology practices

many decoration companies only have simple project name, material variety, price and quantity in the home decoration budget for consumers, but there is no key technology practices. The editor suggested that the designer should be required to add process practices in the budget, or make a detailed description of the process practices of each project in the home decoration budget. Because the specific construction technology and procedures are directly related to the construction quality and cost of home decoration

IV: price of home decoration materials

the price in the home decoration budget is inseparable from material selection and technological process. Simply comparing prices and choosing the lowest decoration company will often bring you irreparable losses. When checking the quotation of the home decoration budget, you must take into account the brand, model and construction process of the home decoration materials, so as to get a more objective evaluation

V: Calculation of construction area

some decoration companies will deliberately overstate the construction area in the home decoration budget to obtain higher profits. Such as the calculation of wall area, ground area, number of wall and floor tiles, cabinet volume, etc., especially in the wall area, a few decoration companies will over report the painting area. Generally, the ratio of ground to wall surface of a space is 12.4 to 12.7, and some decoration companies even report 13.8. It is not difficult to put an end to this kind of situation. Before home decoration, draw lines on the ground and wall surface to be constructed, measure the size, and check the wall surface and floor area specified in the delivery contract. Generally speaking, the floor area is equal to the use area, the use area is equal to the building area of the house multiplied by 85%, and the wall area is equal to the ground area multiplied by 3




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