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Balcony ceiling refers to the top decoration of the balcony. Simply put, it refers to the decoration of the balcony ceiling, which can change the monotonous balcony space and add interest to life. When we decorate the balcony ceiling, we should not only pay attention to the material selection of the balcony ceiling, but also pay attention to other matters. So, what should we pay attention to in the decoration of balcony ceiling? What are the key points of balcony ceiling decoration? The following editor will introduce the key points of balcony ceiling decoration

key points of decoration of balcony ceiling: lighting is indispensable

at night, you may take the clothes dried during the day on the balcony. Therefore, lamps should be installed even outdoors. Special outdoor lighting lamps such as wall lamps and lawn lamps can be selected. If you like the cool feeling of summer night, you can choose the light with cold color. Those who like the warm feeling can use purple, yellow and pink lights

key point 2 of balcony ceiling decoration: sockets should be reserved

if you want to carry out more activities on the balcony, such as watching TV while enjoying the cool, you should keep power sockets during decoration

the third key point of decoration of balcony ceiling: drainage should be smooth

the unsealed balcony will have a large amount of water inflow in case of rainstorm, so the horizontal inclination should be considered during ground decoration to ensure that the water can flow to the drainage hole, and the water cannot flow towards the room. The floor drain installed should ensure smooth drainage

four key points of decoration of balcony ceiling: sunshade should be paid attention to

in order to prevent strong sunlight in summer, relatively solid textiles can be used to make sunshades. The awning itself not only has a decorative effect, but also can block the wind and rain. The awning can also be made of bamboo curtains and curtains. It should be made of scrollable or retractable to adjust the area, position and angle of sunlight as needed

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don't look at a small shoe cabinet, there are also many geomantic stresses in the layout of the porch. Now follow the Xiaobian to see the decoration effect drawing of the shoe cabinet, and learn the geomantic taboos of the shoe cabinet in the decoration of the porch

many women have a lot of shoes of different styles and like to put them in their bedrooms for easy selection before going on the street. However, in Feng Shui, shoes are only suitable for placing near the gate, but not in other places in the house, including the bedroom. It should be noted here that the reason is that the shoes we wear on the street are contaminated with the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth. They are usually messy, so they are only suitable to be placed near the gate where we often go in and out. What we should pay attention to here is that if you put your shoes everywhere, it will be “ Bad gas ” It will enter the house with shoes, which will directly affect the fate of the people in the house. Therefore, if you want to put all the shoes in the shoe cabinet, the bad magnetic field cannot be released casually

for the home with the door facing the corridor, the shoe cabinet can also be used as a screen to block the evil spirit rushing straight through the door. It should be noted here that as for new shoes that have not been worn on the street or slippers for indoor use, it is no problem to put them anywhere in the home. It should be noted here that we should also pay attention to the direction of the shoe cabinet. If the head of a family is engaged in civil work, it is appropriate to place the shoe cabinet in the civil service position at home, that is, Southeast; Blue collar workers and other friends who rely on labor for a living should be placed in military positions. The northwest is the most beneficial and will help their career to a higher level. The above directions are applicable for years and do not need to be changed every year

the shoes are in the shoe cabinet, but the shoe cabinet is also exquisite! It should be noted here that most families have a hallway where shoe cabinets are placed, but the height of shoe cabinets is required in Feng Shui. Generally, the height of the house is evenly divided into three parts. According to the ancient Chinese theory of three talents, the upper part is heaven, the middle part is man, and the lower part is earth. It should be noted here that the shoe cabinet is for storing shoes, and shoes will be stained with a lot of filthy dirt when they touch the ground when walking outside. So the height of the shoe cabinet had better not exceed one third of the height of the house, and let it belong to the land of Sancai, so that everything belongs to it. If the shoe cabinet is higher than one third and accounts for the middle person, it will affect the health of the owner

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