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9s terminal service, we have been on the way

on the morning of August 1, Wang Zonghe, deputy general manager of new Dihao doors and windows, and the 9s terminal service team visited the exclusive store in Tengxian County, Guangxi, to check the operation of the exclusive store, rectify the store and help the exclusive store solve the existing problems

under the soft and bright light of the exclusive store, the product surface texture is more delicate and lifelike, and the color and texture are perfectly highlighted. The products in the store are rich in styles, and the main products are top-grade products. Fireworks, ribbon decoration, gifts are diverse and complete. Although the door is tall and spacious, it does not meet the national unified standard of new Dihao door and window stores. The samples in the store are placed disorderly, resulting in small and crowded overall space. The model is placed disorderly to block the company's product publicity board, and the product cannot get good publicity effect

9s terminal service team began to rectify the store, from product display to sample inspection, from sanitary environment to store image, in strict accordance with the VI and Si standards of the terminal of the exclusive store, and formulated a professional rectification plan

Mr. Wang pointed out the shortcomings of franchised stores in terms of store image, and showed that new Dihao doors and windows has long attached great importance to the terminal image standard of franchised stores, requiring standardization and national unification, and implementing the unification of the terminal image of franchised stores is the premise of creating high-quality after-sales service and expanding the influence of the brand, as well as the key point of fully displaying the brand culture. 9s terminal service is a major project of the company to standardize the management of franchised stores. It can further understand the market, fundamentally solve the problems of franchised stores, improve the performance of franchised stores, and support the development of franchised stores

through the communication with Mr. Wang, Mr. Li of the exclusive store realized that the image layout of the store was not standardized, and said that he saw the company's attention and help to the development of the exclusive store, firmly believed that choosing new Dihao doors and windows was a correct decision, and strengthened his determination to develop together with the company

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