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With the temperature rising in summer, many parents choose to decorate the children's room in this season to create a cool fairy tale world for their children. However, some experts remind that children's response to summer is far stronger than that of adults. Therefore, the decoration of children's rooms in summer should take into account children's own characteristics and reduce home decoration pollution in order to ensure that children can really grow up happily and healthily

how to decorate children's rooms in hot summer

children's skin is delicate, and their internal organs and organs are in a period of rapid growth. Children sleep for more than 12 hours a day, and their body resistance decreases to the lowest during sleep, while the increase and development of the body are all completed in sleep. Their breathing volume is 50% higher than that of adults according to the weight ratio. The living environment is polluted, and children's bodies are most vulnerable to harm during sleep. Some experts pointed out that once the room temperature exceeds 28 ℃ in summer, the emission of formaldehyde will increase exponentially. Therefore, when decorating, we must pay attention to the environmental protection of children's rooms





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