Effect drawing of warm and simple decoration of Ce

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This case is a warm and simple decoration effect drawing of century garden, which runs through the minimalist style and pays attention to the transparency, brightness and freedom of all spaces

decoration community: Century Garden

decoration area: 90 square meters

decoration style: modern simplicity

decoration company: Decoration bidding recommendation company

on the boundless half post tatami, there are small but exquisite decoration frames. The decorative window against the wing wall is made of driftwood

for the raised floor, the platform edge of the flow curve not only looks beautiful, but also plays a role in dividing space

such a big bar is the king of all things, and it can put everything. Under the bar is the storage cabinet of household appliances, which is the same color as the whole furniture

lighting is installed in the middle of the big wall urn, and the whole room is spacious and bright, revealing the Zen meaning of "empty is there". The simple and pure sense of space is the pursuit and original intention of decoration here

the wooden wash table is simple in structure and easy to clean. Although the storage cabinet below looks like a drawer, it is only a simple shelf made according to the size of the basket





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