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With the popularity of duplex buildings, indoor stairs have also become a hot topic. Beautifully designed stairs can not only contribute to the beauty of the home, but also greatly improve the utilization of space. Stairs are the direct passage between floors, and also one of the parts that highlight the personality of the owner in the home. Stairs with unique and novel shapes will be the highlight of the home. There are many classifications of stairs, so it is impossible to directly let one company contract the production of all stairs. Each manufacturer has its own advantages. Now let me tell you some better stair manufacturers

the mainstream types of indoor stairs in the market now include solid wood stairs, steel wood stairs, which are based on cement tiles, and then paved with solid wood steps, ceramic tile steps, stone steps, etc. There are also many kinds of handrails for stairs, such as solid wood, stainless steel, iron carving and so on. There are many stair manufacturers, but it's still some searching process for you to buy the stairs that you like and meet your own needs. Now let me help you to reduce the trouble of selection, and directly introduce you to some good stair manufacturers. I hope I can give you some help

stair design code

1. Stair design code - stair step slope

the slope of the step is usually determined by the floor height and the space around the opening. The straight line and horizontal angle formed by the leading edge of the stair tread are called the slope of the stair. The slope of indoor stairs is generally about 30, which is the most comfortable. The slope of outdoor stairs is generally flat

2. Stair design specification - stair slab design

the specification of stair slab includes the specification of pedal and vertical plate, which is generally required to adapt to the size of people's feet. Generally, the step with wide pedal and low vertical plate will be more comfortable. The tread width of indoor stairs should not be less than 24 cm, generally 28 cm is the most comfortable. The height of the vertical plate should not be higher than 20 cm, generally 18 cm is the most comfortable. And the width of each pedal and the height of the vertical plate should be consistent, otherwise it is easy to fall

3. Stair design code - stair step design

step length is the width of stairs. The step length of indoor stairs is generally 90 cm, which saves space and makes people comfortable to walk

although the stair design specification is often mentioned, there is no definite index. It is made by large stair enterprises and is also a convention in the stair industry. Therefore, the so-called stair design specification has no specific industry rigid standards. However, in consideration of safety and other aspects, the design of staircases should comply with the relevant provisions of the current national standards code for fire protection design of buildings (gbj16) and code for fire protection design of high rise civil buildings (gb50045)

how to calculate the price of indoor stairs

first of all, since the main component of stairs is steps, the price is generally obtained by multiplying the price of each step by the number of overall stairs in the market. This kind of pricing method is relatively simple. Businesses have rubbed the price of small columns, handrails, kickers and other accessories into the amount of a single step

secondly, the manufacturer sells finished stairs according to the stairs already produced by the manufacturer. Generally, this method is commonly used for steel and wood stairs. There are about 13 pedals in a set. After all, customers need to charge separately if they want other styles. Such pricing method now has a small market. After all, people's personalized needs are getting higher and higher

third, the most intuitive pricing method is to calculate the unit price according to the single piece of materials purchased by the customer, and then integrate. Although this method is relatively clear, it is too cumbersome. Each part should be accounted for separately. It's OK to say that large pedals, handrails, railings, and even small materials such as screws should be accounted for separately. This calculation method is generally used for solid wood stairs with relatively high amount of money

what should we pay attention to when shopping for indoor stairs

first, the most important thing to use in the room is to be healthy. It's OK to use stairs directly erected by the construction team. If it's a solid wood or steel wood stair, we must pay attention to its wood material, then what paint to use, and whether it's environmentally friendly

second, when you watch the movie, you may feel that the hero steps on the stairs and sends out “ Creak “ The sound of is very artistic, but if this kind of sound often appears in our life, I believe most people can't bear it. So the second point of choosing stairs is to pay attention not to make big noise when using

third, stairs are a product we use very frequently, especially if there are children and the elderly at home, we should pay special attention to safety. Therefore, all parts of the stairs should be round, at least there is no sharp place, which can't hurt us

stair manufacturer

Beijing Green Tyson Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

Beijing Green Tyson Wood Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in the late 1990s, specializing in furniture production, R & D and sales services. It is a household manufacturer with a long history. The stairs produced by his family have excellent technology. If you want to use wooden stairs, Beijing Green Tyson wood industry is a good choice. Because the wood material of his family is very good, most of the wood is high-quality natural logs imported from North America, Africa, South Asia and other countries. And his family uses advanced equipment from Sweden, Germany, Italy, Japan and other countries to produce stairs. Whether in terms of quality or technology, it is very good and worth buying

Beijing greentyson wood industry has been highly recognized by the industry, has won a number of honors, and has passed the international ISO-9001 quality management system certification and the international ISO-14001 environmental management system certification. The company is committed to developing its own enterprise and occupying the leading position in China. Now Beijing greentyson wood industry has been able to sell its products all over the country and in many countries, It is a company with great development potential

Shanghai Yiji stairs Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Yiji stairs Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of stairs. The company can produce a variety of stairs of different categories, and the design is very exquisite. There are many different styles, which can meet the needs of customers, such as steel and wood stairs, log stairs, rotating stairs, European stairs, and Yiji stairs. The quality of the stairs is excellent and guaranteed. Yiji is the first manufacturer of stairs in China. It has a long history. The inheritance of skills makes the stairs of Yiji beautiful, good quality and durable

Sichuan ouyasi wood industry

Sichuan ouyasi wood industry is a company specializing in the production of wood products, which can make some furniture based on wood materials, such as stairs, cabinets, doors, etc. It mainly focuses on the production and design of high-quality products, and can well design many amazing furniture. So if you need to buy more creative stairs, I think this is a good choice

editor's summary: a good stair needs to pay attention to many details. In addition to the above, we also need to pay attention to the temperature of handrails, the firmness of stairs, etc. The choice of stair manufacturers is very important. The above are some good stair manufacturers I recommend to you. I hope to bring help to friends who need it in this regard




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