Decoration diary I love 50 square meters new house

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Open the door to welcome guests! I hope there is a relaxed feeling of coming to the park as soon as I enter the door. Therefore, carpets of pineapples and strawberries were laid in front of the kitchen and the toilet respectively, and many small animal magnets were pasted on the refrigerator

the dining room and living room are two in one when you enter the door to the left. The sofa in the living room is a sofa bed. When relatives and friends come to spend the night, open it and make do with it. The sofa was originally blue and white, which LG didn't like very much. In order to please LG, I went to Amoy Amoy, Amoy the cloth on struggle, and asked the store owner to make a sofa towel. Dress the sofa, and the living room feels much warmer





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