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This is a decorative panel based on willow Eucalyptus core. The trim panel is 0 thick. A thin veneer of about 2 mm

artificial board has replaced the previous solid wood and become the main material of furniture. There are many kinds of artificial board, each of which has its unique advantages. We can say that they overcome the shortcomings of solid wood and are the main materials in the decoration construction at present, but it is often this kind of plate that makes consumers confused. Therefore, before decoration, each semi decorator should first spend some time to understand the common names and scientific names of various plates, as well as their role in home decoration, advantages and disadvantages, prices, etc., so that when purchasing materials, they can be carefully selected according to the decoration needs and ensure the quality

decorative veneer decorative panel

this is a decorative panel based on Eucalyptus core. The trim panel is 0 thick. A thin veneer of about 2 mm. The special plywood made by adhesive process is generally 3mm thick. It is the basic plate used by every house that is being decorated. Whether it is door and window covers or furniture surfaces, decorative panels are used

advantages: the colors are rich and colorful. The common wood skins include cherry, black walnut, maple, red beech, Manchurian ash, white oak, teak and other dozens of varieties

disadvantages: the prices are uneven, which is difficult for consumers to distinguish





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