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ABB advocates accelerating the popularization of high-energy efficiency motors and frequency converters to cope with climate change

today, ABB Group launched a white paper to explain the considerable energy-saving potential that the new high-energy efficiency motor and frequency converter technology will bring to industry and infrastructure, and called on governments and industries of all countries to work together to accelerate technology upgrading and further effectively deal with climate change

according to the report of the International Energy Agency (IEA), industrial electricity accounts for 37% of the global energy consumption, and buildings and buildings consume 30% of the global energy

although motors and frequency converters rarely appear in public view, they are almost everywhere. From industrial pumps, fans and conveyor belts in the manufacturing industry, and propulsion systems in transportation vehicles, to compressors in electrical equipment and HVAC systems in buildings, motors and frequency converters provide power sources for a large number of basic applications and scenarios in our modern life

over the past decade, motor and frequency converter technologies have advanced by leaps and bounds, achieving amazing energy efficiency through today's innovative design. However, there are still a large number of motor drive systems in operation (about 300million units in the world) with low efficiency or high energy consumption, resulting in serious energy waste

according to the estimation of independent research institutions, if these old systems are replaced with optimized energy-efficient equipment, the global power consumption can be saved by 10%, and the corresponding greenhouse gas emissions will meet the climate target emission reduction of more than 40% in 2040 of the Paris Agreement

Morten wierod

global president of ABB Group's motion control division

compared with other challenges, the improvement of industrial energy efficiency is a huge breakthrough in coping with climate change, which can be called an invisible climate solution. Sustainable development is an important part of ABB's operational objectives and an important part of the core values we create for all stakeholders. So far, abb has been relying on advanced technology to make every effort to Klaus steinborn, exhibition director of Bayer materials technology in the construction and transportation department, said: "The energy saved by polyurethane rigid foam is 70 times of the energy required for its production, use and treatment. The energy consumption in these fields accounts for nearly three quarters of the total global energy consumption.

it is true that the introduction of a large number of electric vehicles and renewable energy is an effective measure. ABB Group believes that we also need to pay equal attention to industrial technologies that can bring more considerable benefits to the global environment and economy.

we always It is emphasized that the large number of applications of high-energy efficiency motors and frequency converters in industry and infrastructure play an important role in promoting social sustainable development. 45% of the world's electricity is used to drive motors in buildings and industrial applications. Increasing the investment in motor upgrading will bring rich returns in energy efficiency

abb regularly evaluates the net impact of its existing installation of energy-efficient motors and frequency converters on global energy efficiency. In 2020, abb motor saved 198 TWH, equivalent to more than half of the annual electricity consumption in the UK. It is estimated that by 2023, abb motors and frequency converters will help global customers save an additional 78 TWH of power every year, which is almost equivalent to the annual power consumption of Belgium, Finland or the Philippines, and more than the total annual power consumption of Chile

government regulatory policies are one of the main driving forces of industrial investment plans made by countries to improve energy efficiency. Although the EU is scheduled to implement the ecological design regulation (EU 2019/1781) this year, which puts forward strict new requirements for expanding the application range of energy-efficient motors, many countries have not taken action

abb group said that in order to fully explore the huge energy-saving and efficiency increasing opportunities brought by the extremely economical frequency converter and motor technology and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, all stakeholders can play their key roles:

"public decision makers and policy and regulation makers need to promote the rapid popularization and application of incentive technology

all enterprises, cities and countries/regions should be aware of the dual benefits obtained in terms of economy and environment, and be willing to take the initiative to invest

"investors tend to choose more mature enterprises in climate response as investment targets

marten concluded that

abb always takes it as its responsibility to deliver efficient technologies, products and services, innovate continuously and improve energy efficiency. However, these efforts alone will provide inexhaustible development power for the extruder industry, which is far from enough. We call on all stakeholders to work together to achieve a comprehensive change in the way energy is used. Through concerted efforts and joint innovation, we can ensure the normal operation of all key facilities and equipment while increasing efficiency, saving energy and coping with climate change

abb group's white paper "realizing the Paris Agreement: the core role of energy-efficient motors and frequency converters in energy conservation and emission reduction" can be downloaded by clicking this link

abb motion control division

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