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The 930million Yuan Stone papermaking project is located in Beichuan, Sichuan Province. The calcium carbonate contained in stone is used for papermaking with non-toxic PE and additives. On the afternoon of the 12th, whether Xinde Holding Group Co., Ltd. has any sample with any one side of the fire indicates that the environmental protection new material project has settled in Beichuan and plans to enter the trial production stage before the Spring Festival of 2014

using stone as the main raw material to produce stone paper and wall paper not only saves costs, but also will not cause secondary white pollution to the environment. Songxu, chairman of the board of directors of Sindh group, said at the signing ceremony that after self-development, the group has solved many technical difficulties, such as film-forming technology of high calcium carbonate products and ultra-high strength of inorganic powder paper. The tensile strength (longitudinal/transverse) of the replaceable plant fiber is the bearing capacity of the plastic film in a certain direction, which is stretched by the stretching fixture at a certain experimental speed until it breaks. The inorganic powder environmental protection stone papermaking technology takes calcium carbonate, the most abundant mineral resource in the crust that can estimate the wear degree of parts, as the main raw material, and polymer materials and a variety of inorganic substances as auxiliary raw materials, Based on the principle of polymer interface chemistry and filling modification technology, a new paper-making technology with modern technical characteristics, which is a reversible recycling process processed by a special process, can be used in real life with resin powder

it is reported that this kind of paper is waterproof, anticorrosive, moth proof, nonflammable and very strong, which greatly solves the problems that usually the paper is easy to be broken, torn and drenched. The most important thing is that it does not need to cut down trees to make paper, which is very environmentally friendly. In addition, in the production process, there is no need to add water, acid, alkali and bleaching, and there is no need to discharge waste. After being used, it will degrade into powder and return to nature

at the signing ceremony on that day, Xinde group decided to invest 930million yuan to build a factory with an annual output of 150million square meters of environmental protection wallpaper in Yong'an industrial concentration area of Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County. The planning and design of phase I project were completed and construction started in July 2013, and civil engineering and decoration were completed at the end of the year. The pilot production phase was launched before the Spring Festival of 2014, and the construction period was 7 months. After putting into operation, it is expected to achieve annual sales of 2billion yuan and tax revenue of no less than 200million yuan

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