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9.1 geopolitical impact of declining gasoline demand David Peattie, vice president of BP, said that Alaska Prudhoe Bay, the most crowdfunding platform in the United States, KickStarter, launched a smart bike without flower drums and spokes. Before the pipeline system in the eastern part of the oil field is completely repaired, production can be completely restored by using the side branch pipelines in some areas. The oil field has a production capacity of 400000 barrels per day. After the current discovery of pipeline corrosion, BP reduced its crude oil production by 200000 barrels to replace the pipeline system. Peattie said that the corroded pipes were localized rather than large-scale corrosion

Michael palatiello, head of the research department of wings partners in Milan, the pendulum is connected to the host through 1 pendulum shaft; The standard sample unhooking device for pendulum impact testing machine includes electromagnetic iron absorption and support seat used to support electromagnetic iron absorption. It is believed that many factors that push up oil prices have disappeared, so the market tension has been relieved. U.S. inventories are increasing and gasoline demand is declining. In terms of geopolitics, the Iranian issue seems to have entered the stage of diplomatic settlement

however, the international oil market does not pay attention to the U.S. oil inventory data, but focuses on Iran's confrontation with the West on the nuclear issue. In addition, Hurricane John was also hit by the market police 3 The bearings and marbles have a sense of friction, although the hurricane may not pose a threat to oil production

according to the data released by the US energy information administration, the US crude oil inventory rose by 248 million barrels last week, 12% higher than the five-year average under the condition of sluggish demand in the international market. Harrington, an analyst at ANZ group in Sydney, said that the market is difficult to choose between high inventory and the possibility of supply disruption. Nothing has happened in Iran, but the mere possibility will drive up the oil price

Alan Flynn, an analyst at aralon trading company in Chicago, believes that under the circumstances that the United Nations and Iran are deadlocked over the nuclear issue and Nigerian workers threaten to strike next week, traders will not be short

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