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ABB: China will continue to lead the global electric vehicle revolution. On January 11, the 2020 forum of China Electric Vehicle Association, which attracted the attention of the industry, was held in diaoyutaistateguesthouse in Beijing. Zhangzhiqiang, senior vice president of ABB group and President of ABB China, was invited to attend the board meeting of China Electric Vehicle Association, and delivered a speech entitled "jointly writing the future of electric transportation" at the high-level forum, Discuss with the participating experts the trend and path to promote the innovative development of China's sustainable transportation

at present, the global automotive industry has entered a stage of deep transformation, and the development of China's electric vehicles has also entered a period of structural adjustment. It is a general trend to develop electric vehicles, promote zero emission transportation and accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading. According to the 2019 electric vehicle outlook released by Bloomberg new energy finance, the global sales of electric passenger vehicles will rise from 2million in 2018 to 28million in 2030 and 56million in 2040. China is the world's largest electric vehicle market and will continue to lead the global electric vehicle revolution in the future

zhangzhiqiang said that in the new round of scientific and technological revolution, emerging technologies have advanced by leaps and bounds, integrated with electrical and automation technologies, and interacted with multiple industries, giving birth to new applications and accelerating iterative innovation, which have a profound impact on the future energy utilization mode, production mode, working mode, living mode and travel mode. Therefore, electric vehicles have become an important carrier of innovative technologies in the fields of green energy, intelligent electricity, intelligent manufacturing, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence and so on

abb provides all-round innovative technologies, products and solutions for the entire value chain of electric transportation. In the field of power generation, renewable energy such as wind energy and solar energy are taking an increasing proportion in the energy structure. ABB's micro energy and energy storage technologies are helping to effectively meet the challenges of clean energy; At the same time, abb has many applications in wind turbine, main control, pitch and intelligent yaw technology; ABB Beijialai cooperated with customers to innovate. Through the application of high-precision motion control technology and machine learning technology, it has greatly improved the multi wire cutting process of photovoltaic silicon wafers, thus achieving a good effect of cost optimization. In the transmission link, the light HVDC transmission technology invented by ABB supports the transmission of Western renewable energy to the eastern load center in an efficient and safe way. In the field of power distribution, ABB's rich intelligent power distribution solutions help users in many industries to ensure electrification safety, improve energy management efficiency and operation and maintenance accuracy

abb is a global leader in the field of sustainable transportation infrastructure, providing solutions from power distribution to charging for the electrification of automobiles and trucks, as well as ships, railways, trams and alpine cable cars. At present, abb charging technology has been applied in 95% of the countries and regions that use electric vehicles in the world. About 13000 fast charging piles have been installed in 80 countries around the world to provide users with safe, reliable, intelligent and convenient charging services. Following the first orders in 2018, abb has just announced that it will provide ionity with the second batch of 324 350kW high-power charging piles to help it build the largest charging network in Europe. ABB also cooperated with Volkswagen subsidiary electrify America to participate in the construction of the largest electric vehicle infrastructure project in the United States. Relying on the abb capability platform, abb DC charging pile has a highly intelligent IOT function, which can diagnose, pre diagnose management, upgrade, etc., monitor the parameter status of more than 180 sub components in real time, remotely diagnose more than 90% of the faults, greatly improve the equipment efficiency and reduce the operation and maintenance cost

in China, a is easy to rust BB provides leading charging solutions for electric vehicles of Tengshi, Weilai and other brands, as well as BP's first domestic DC fast charging demonstration station and the first fast charging station of Zhenjiang Wenguang group. ABB has not only maintained close cooperation with domestic automobile manufacturers and operators, but also further improved its product portfolio and explored the domestic market through business mergers and acquisitions. In October, 2019, it is suggested to read the manual carefully before installation and use. In October, 2019, abb announced the acquisition of Shanghai Lianzhuang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. to enrich the electric transportation product line, further strengthen the localization of product technology, and enhance its market position in the field of large, medium and small power and DC AC charging

China is the largest electric bus market in the world. As an important part of sustainable transportation, electric bus is vigorously promoting clean urban travel. ABB has cooperated with Xiamen Jinlong automobile group to build a new electric bus with ABB's world leading flash charging technology (Tosa). It is reported that the charging process takes only tens of seconds and can be completed at the same time when passengers get on and off the bus. At the same time, abb also provides a safe, efficient and scalable high-power pantograph charging solution, which can meet the rapid charging needs of urban public transport, passenger cars, logistics vehicles, sanitation vehicles and other operating vehicles

zhangzhiqiang said: ABB's leading technology is helping people get rid of the dependence of modern transportation on fossil fuels, expand the boundaries of electric transportation technology, build land and water electric transportation systems, and explore the road of sustainable development. For example, abb provided zero emission technology for the first American pure electric boats driving in Niagara Falls, and ABB capability for the zero emission water taxis in Switzerland? The ship consulting system provides electrification solutions for alpine trains and aerial ropeways. These applications all reflect the concept of development advocated by ABB on the premise of minimizing the consumption of earth resources

at the same time, abb robotics and automation solutions actively supported the upgrading and transformation of new energy vehicle manufacturing as of June 15, helping China's rapidly growing electric vehicle market. For example, in BAIC new energy Qingdao industrial base, abb provides leading robot products and solutions, which are applied to multiple processes such as spot welding, gluing, spraying and handling, helping users greatly improve production efficiency and product quality. In May, 2019, abb also announced that it would provide SAIC Volkswagen China's first new energy vehicle factory with spraying and gluing solutions including nearly 300 robots to help it build an intelligent, flexible and agile electric vehicle production base. ABB capability interconnection service can also remotely monitor the status and performance of a single or all interconnected robots, quickly find and identify the cause of the fault, and ensure the normal operation time of the robots

since 2018, abb has joined hands with the international all electric vehicle top event ABB international FIA electric formula championship to become its global naming partner and provide a global platform for testing and developing electrification and digital technologies related to electric vehicles. The sixth season has begun in october2019. 22 racing teams will compete in 14 races across 12 cities on four continents. On March 21, the event will land in Sanya, China again to show the speed of electric racing cars and the charm of innovative technology

the forum of China electric vehicle 100 people's Association (2020) is hosted by China electric vehicle 100 people's Association. The theme of this forum is to grasp the situation, focus on transformation and lead innovation. It aims to analyze and grasp the latest change trends in the global automotive market and industry, further consider and confirm the technical route of new energy vehicles in combination with the real market demand and macro strategic demand, and study the medium and long-term automotive industry development strategy, And discuss the industrial policies and enterprise strategies to deal with the current and future market changes

abb (abbn: six Swiss Ex) is a global technology leader committed to promoting the digital transformation and upgrading of the industry. Based on more than 130 years of innovation history, abb is customer-centric and has the world's leading four businesses: electrical, industrial automation, motion control, robotics and discrete automation, and ABB ability digital platform. ABB electric business will be transferred to Hitachi Group in 2020. ABB Group operates in more than 100 countries and regions around the world and employs 147000 people. ABB has a full range of business activities in China, including R & D, manufacturing, sales and engineering services. It has 44 local enterprises and nearly 20000 employees in more than 130 cities. Its online and offline channels cover about 700 cities across the country

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