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Jinan railway service upgrade

according to the unified requirements of the Ministry of railways, the original 96716 of Jinan Railway Bureau will be discontinued, and the new number will be enabled at 8:00 on January 19. According to the subsection arrangement, ticket booking can not be realized for the new service for the time being

(1) principle instead of booking tickets, 9pha is piezoelectric and can be made into piezoelectric components for pressure sensors, igniters, acoustic instruments, oscillation generators, etc. it can also be used as energy conversion components, especially for transducers in organisms 6716

recently, many citizens reported that Jinan Railway Bureau Service 96716 has been unable to dial up. This afternoon, I dialed 96716 and left a voice message saying that the booking service was temporarily suspended due to the upgrade of the passenger ticket system of Jinan Railway Bureau

wangyumin, director of Passenger Transport Department of Jinan Railway Bureau, introduced that according to the unified requirements of the Ministry of railways, a railway customer service center platform will be established in Jinan. Since January 1, the construction of the passenger ticket system upgrade of Jinan railway has started, and joint commissioning and test have been carried out continuously. At present, the passenger ticket system of Jinan railway has been basically upgraded and new services will be launched. The service will be launched at 8:00 on the first day of the Spring Festival railway transportation on January 19, and can accept inquiries from passengers all over the country

the new service has 0 automatic operation lines of 122 and double headed operators, which can accept 130 passengers at the same time. After dialing, passengers will automatically select manual or language services as required

ticket booking service has not been opened yet

wangyumin said that the new customer service of Jinan Railway Bureau will provide passengers with train arrival and departure time query, spare tickets of Jinan and Jinan railway stations, train ticket price query, train punctuality and delay, location and contact information of Jinan railway ticket agency in Shandong. At the same time, the service will also accept passengers' supervision, suggestions and complaints

it is reported that since November 29 last year, railway roads have gradually upgraded the passenger ticket system in 18 railway bureaus, and opened the ticket selling function in sections. At present, the customer service to be launched by Jinan Railway Bureau has not yet opened the ticket booking service, but it will soon open the function. (2) when LCD Chinese characters are displayed, passengers can dial this number to book tickets. "In addition to booking tickets, Ji'an railway will also successively open functions such as automatic voice booking, online booking and ticket booking, and realize UnionPay card swiping and selling tickets." Said wangyumin

the number of ticket windows of Jinan railway has reached 896.

Jinan railway will ensure passengers' ticket purchase by opening more ticket windows and other measures. It is reported that Jinan Railway Bureau has successively increased 150 ticket windows for the Spring Festival transportation, and the total number of overall ticket windows has reached 896. Among them, 17 temporary ticket windows have been added in Jinan Station, with a total of 40 ticket windows, 127 in Jinan and 95 in Qingdao

during the Spring Festival transportation, all ticket windows of Jinan railway are qualified for ticket sales. During the peak passenger flow period, all windows are fully opened, the ticket sales time is extended, and 24-hour uninterrupted ticket sales are implemented. In view of the large passenger flow before the Spring Festival transportation, the Jinan Railway adopts the door-to-door ticket delivery service for the group tickets of students and migrant workers, and provides key guarantee for the travel plans of students and migrant workers. At present, 420000 student door-to-door ticket delivery services have been handled, and all the 150000 migrant workers' group plans booked in advance have adopted door-to-door ticket delivery. Jinan Times

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