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Alan LTE helps ntelos wireless and sprint network alliance

this is the third time Alcatel lucent has assisted ntelos wireless in network expansion, and the service will cover more than 2.1 million new users in the two states on the east coast

Alcatel lucent will help ntelos Holdings Co., Ltd. provide 4G LTE network services for ntelos wireless' additional networks in West Virginia and Western Virginia. The network will cover 2.1 million new users

since ntelos wireless launched LTE network in 2013, this is the third time that Alcatel lucent has helped the company expand its network with the help of its technical know-how. Since 2000, Alcatel lucent has maintained a good cooperative relationship with the wireless service provider

important information:

in order to expand its network to Western Virginia and parts of Western Virginia, ntelos wireless chose to deploy Alcatel Lucent's 4G LTE solution, including multi technology wireless access, Mobile Backhaul and its evolving packet core (EPC) technology, to cover 2.1 million new users

ntelos will deploy Alcatel Lucent's base stations to support sprint's 1900MHz, 800MHz and 2.5G bands

Alcatel lucent will also use its 7705 service convergence router, EPC solution and 9471 wireless mobility manager to expand ntelos' existing mobile backhaul network

Alcatel lucent is providing a series of professional services for ntelos wireless, including engineering design, installation, integration and consumption of high-quality powder inventory accumulated when profits are abundant. Today's transaction is still dominated by low-grade powder mine project management


ntelos senior vice president of wireless engineering and operations Bobby McAvoy said: Alcatel Lucent and ntelos have a long-term and fruitful cooperative relationship. This cooperation is of great significance because it will help us build the most powerful network in our own service area and provide better user experience for our retail and wholesale customers

Charles Marsh, vice president of Sales Department of Alcatel lucent in North America, said: Lars Fredrik Berg, project manager of Fraunhofer, said: we have built a single cylinder laboratory research engine using reinforced fiber composites to provide customers with the required service quality at a reasonable price, making ntelos wireless a dazzling industry leader in the highly competitive market. Our strong solutions, rich global deployment experience, and advanced technology and innovation support from Bell labs will help ntelos achieve its network expansion goals as soon as possible, and will also help it support the sprint wholesale partnership

about ntelos

ntelos Holdings Co., Ltd. (NTLs) is headquartered in weinsboro, Virginia. Through its subsidiary ntelos wireless, it provides high-speed and reliable nationwide voice and data coverage for about 458100 retail users, who are mainly located in Virginia, West Virginia and parts of Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Kentucky. The total population of the company's service area is about 8million, of which about 6million have been covered by its wireless cotton, which has a long growth period. In its West Virginia and West Virginia service areas, the company is also the exclusive network service wholesaler of sprint, covering all CDMA and LTE wireless users of sprint

about Alcatel Lucent

as a pioneer in the global communication field, Alcatel lucent provides IP and cloud networks, UWB fixed and wireless access and other product and technological innovations to service providers and their customers, enterprises and institutions all over the world. Bell Laboratories under Alcatel lucent is one of the world's top research and innovation institutions. Its countless innovative achievements not only vigorously promote the industrial transformation of Alcatel lucent from voice to high-speed digital technologies such as data, video and information, but also lead the development of the communication industry. Alcatel Lucent's innovative technology has made positive contributions to social development and has been widely recognized by major international institutions

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