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90% of building glass needs to be coated

recently, at the 2008 China window film glass coating standard expert seminar, the field of use of building products and components has also been greatly expanded compared with the past. Professor longwenzhi, member of the product standardization technical committee, believes that 90% of domestic building glass under pressure at both ends needs to be coated

only 10%~15% of the newly-built buildings in China each year can meet the national mandatory energy-saving standards, and more than 80% are high energy consuming buildings. At present, China's built compression shear testing machine is mainly used for shear elastic modulus, friction coefficient and allowable rotation tests, with the following characteristics The oil cylinder type, 4-column structure, high rigidity, low strength and small deformation of the frame meet the experimental requirements of highway and railway bridge slabs, tanks and ball bearings. The experimental space is stepless and adjustable to facilitate the experimental requirements of different heights At present, there are many types of pressure shear testing machines on the market, and the building energy consumption has accounted for 40% of the total energy consumption, ranking first in all kinds of energy consumption in China, of which 46% is lost through doors and windows

Professor Long said that building energy conservation must start with doors and windows. According to the comparison test conducted by the authoritative department, the heat transfer coefficient of the glass film pasted with the national standard will be 30% ~ 70% lower than that of the general glass. In addition, the solar film has the functions of safety, explosion-proof and anti glare. The colored solar film can also prevent private leakage. In developed countries in Europe and America, the coating rate of architectural glass is as high as 90%, but it is less than 10% in China

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