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St. Leah broke through the core technology of shower room

shower room has gradually become a new favorite of decoration. Smart businesses also see business opportunities and carry out all kinds of publicity in the media, so that consumers are dazzled and have no choice. Recently, it was learned that Zhongshan shengliya Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. made a breakthrough in the core technology of the shower room, effectively solved the common quality problems of the shower room, and became the leader of advanced technology in the shower room industry

industry experts said that in fact, the structure of the shower room is not complex, which is mainly composed of a base, a frame, a glass fence, and a pulley system. The most likely problems are glass and pulley, which is the core technology of the shower room, Therefore, consumers should pay more attention to shopping "There are several good trading points in the field of materials. Pay attention to the glass and pulley of the shower room.

first of all, the pulley system of the glass movable door of the shower room is related to the safety and performance of the whole shower room. Some products on the market use double pulleys with plastic wheel frames, and connect the differential probe to the unknown signal to be measured, and use hooks under both ends. It is not only easy to deform, can not ensure the safety of the movable door for a long time, but also has a poor running feel Good. Some pulleys adopt ordinary carbon steel bearings, which are easy to deform and corrode, with high maintenance rate and short service life. The pulley system used in Santa Maria shower room is a patented product developed by the company, which has the advantages of self-lubricating, silent, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant

according to the staff, the shenglia self-lubricating pulley made of patented formula of special wear-resistant material realizes self lubrication during the operation of the pulley, which not only greatly prolongs the service life of the pulley, but also makes the movable door more and more smooth. At the same time, anti-aging and corrosion-resistant additives are added to the formula, which can effectively ensure the pulley to work in the acid-base environment for a long time. The high temperature resistant and waterproof rubber ring on the surface greatly improves the working capacity and service life of the pulley in a humid working environment. The wheel frame and bearing of the self pulley are made of high-strength stainless steel. After the fatigue test of the continuous recovery cylinder, the self pulley of Santa Leia broke through the 100000 push-pull of the ordinary pulley, and creatively realized the free sliding of the pulley for 300000 times without hindrance. The successful research and development of the self pulley technology of Santa Maria has broken through the core technology of the shower room, and has also attracted wide attention in the industry, making Santa Maria a benchmark in the industry

secondly, the fence glass of shower room is generally tempered glass, and the quality needs to be carefully identified. The researchers of the Institute pointed out that the self explosion of tempered glass is directly related to the quality defects of glass. For example, if the glass contains stones, impurities, nickel sulfide crystals and other substances, it may cause self explosion. In order to save costs and shorten the time of firing tempered glass, some businesses will also produce glass that is in danger of self explosion

it is understood that the car safety tempered glass that has passed the national 3C certification and is underwritten by the insurance company is used in the shower room of Santa Maria. It is particularly worth mentioning that this kind of glass is BMW grade car glass, which has good permeability and uniform tempering. Even after crushing, the fragments are also small obtuse particles similar to honeycomb, and the particles are 5cm*5c. In this case, the raw material can be sucked into the hopper and then manually stirred to solve the problem. The number of particles in M area is more than 60, which is higher than the national standard (the national standard is more than 40). In addition, explosion-proof film is added to the glass of Santa Maria shower room, which further increases the safety factor

in addition, Santa Maria has always adhered to the design concept of "rigorous science, beyond innovation", and is committed to providing consumers with the most perfect products and services. The suppliers of every accessory in the shower room are carefully selected, which ensures the quality of Santa Maria's products from the source, and Santa Maria promises consumers a five-year warranty and lifelong maintenance

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